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Hello everyone! So, let's begin!

The xCrypt ecosystem has been created in order to ensure that all of its sections can operate both as a unit and independently. team aim to change the world of cryptocurrencies via ecosystem, because it’s true to say that most companies only provide individualized services. With the xCrypt ecosystem, multiple services will be available for users to take advantage of, providing significant space for growth. That’s why early backers of the currency will be able to take prime position in being a part of the expansion of this decentralised ecosystem.

The ecosystem will bring with it several different investment opportunities for its users. These options will be available in an easy and convenient environment.

The XCrypt project is focused on creating a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that includes a broad range of services. The goal is to ensure users can benefit from the developments in the cryptocurrency market, while mitigating risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange.

There will be a clear display of relevant market data, zero fees transaction, debit card and mining operations. Coupled with a fair, transparent, and secure exchange.



Goal is to provide everything needed for crypto-profit under the same roof. All in a high secure and ultra performant ecosystem. top priority are users. Mission is to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community's security. They will develop the next generation ecosystem based on blockchain technology that offers all cryptocurrency related operations from: securing different blockchains through the mining process, trading and storing cryptocurrency, up to make the cryptocurrency available on traditional payment methods. This will help users save money and will protect them against fraud through the use of smart contracts.

Creating a business ecosystem involves re-configuring the entire activity chain to harness the capabilities of complementary partners in ways that create more value for the end customer. The idea that a company’s own success partly depends on the performance of its surrounding ecosystem – the network of firms, institutions and individuals with which it interacts – is by no means new. There are four reasons to believe that ecosystem relationships will become increasingly important in determining future competitive success. First, in the face of rising investment demands and increased costs of complexity, many companies are seeking to focus on fewer core activities. This enables them to target their capital expenditure on deploying the latest technology on their core processes and to concentrate on deepening their core competencies. The adage “focus and win” has become a popular catch phrase. But shrinking to a focused core of activities is at odds with customers who are increasingly demanding more complete solutions to their needs that bring together multiple products and services in complex, often customised, bundles.



The development of xCrypt ecosystem services, and the influx of new users, will create a strong and steady demand for XCT; 10% of XCT profits will be buyback and burn each each quarter, Each user holding XCT receive dividends from the rest of company profit. XCT will be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users and investors to trade instantly.

Thus, the XCT ICO is valuable to the following market participants:

  1. Crypto investors may profit from selling XCT in secondary markets or holding XCT as a low-risk asset in their investment portfolios;
  2. interested users of xCrypt's services can obtain XCT at a discounted price.







We created this ecosystem based of the differentiation regarding the current exchange market. This is the reason why we are an end to end ecosystem with a wide spectrum of services, on the social media side to built a strong community and give a sense of identity to the various trading possibilities, arriving to the maximum compliance in the field. Our token brings tangible to the holders who simply want to conserve them, believing in the project also for a medium/long period of time.





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