WINGS, A New Era in the Digital World


Can you imagine a WORLD WITHOUT MOBILE? From maintaining your daily schedule to organizing official meetings and social gatherings automatically, smartphones have conquered most of our lives, so it's impossible now to survive without them. Not?

However, because smartphones have become important friends in our lives today, they can reveal important data about you without your knowledge, and often without the authorization that you really need. This can result in large losses and fears of personal data breaches that can be fatal for companies and individuals. Not to worry, risks like this have been impressively handled perfectly by the newcomer company in the smartphone world, WINGS.

Who are we?

WINGS is a proud smartphone manufacturer, unlike other companies in the market that only compete in presenting upgraded devices featuring new device versions, but unfortunately fail to provide appropriate security measures for users who are vital at the moment. To add more, the current generation of smartphones is lacking in user security. Therefore, the focus is on user experience, at great expense in subsequent cyber fraud and cyber crime.

Introducing a new hype in the city, WINGS

WINGS consider the fact that this exchange CANNOT be handled by the digital financial system in the future. A paradigm shift is needed for this structural device that enables true security, while maintaining an excellent user experience simultaneously. Therefore, WINGS has implemented certain promising features installed in this smart device that have been proven to overcome the main technological problems at this time.

What Online Dangers Are We Trying to Conquer?

To begin with, smartphones without a doubt make flexible and efficient pocket assistants. This is because they consist of a set of sensors. These sensors include some that you might not even think about, such as sensors that sense light, humidity, temperature, pressure, and other parameters in real time without your attention. Even so, because smartphones have become indispensable friends in all of our daily lives, these sensors tend to stay close by someone throughout the day and night.

Introducing, WINGS Guardian TM

WINGS aims to provide solutions to the main problems that exist. How?
Dalam berita terbaru, beberapa aplikasi telah diidentifikasi oleh toko aplikasi online; Google Play , yang menyalahgunakan akses akurat mereka ke sensor yang terpasang di perangkat pintar. Juga, baru-baru ini, sekitar 20 aplikasi telah di-boot dari ponsel Android dan App Store oleh Google yang dapat merekam dengan mikrofon dengan mudah, melacak lokasi ponsel, FOTO SNAP dan kemudian mengekstrak data, semua ini TANPA pengetahuan pengguna sama sekali ! Foto-foto dan potongan-potongan suara yang dicuri ini menimbulkan invasi privasi yang jelas. Bahkan data sensor yang tidak menuntut mungkin menyiarkan informasi sensitif dari smartphone yang dapat mengungkapkan apa yang diketik pengguna atau mengungkapkan lokasi pengguna secara real-time.

Thanks to an innovative introduction by WINGS, naming Wings Guardian ™. This is a security system that checks in real time if another application is installed or the Trojan uses a built-in microphone or camera without the user's consent. Thus, the use of the best smartphone becomes comfortable and safe for all users on all platforms.

WINGS Secure Call TM, Redefining VOIP Technology

At present, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has taken over a large percentage of Internet Usage. From international conference calls, business meetings to social networks, VoIP is used as a vital tool for transferring data in more than one way. However, this raises the possibility of service violations through unethical theft. Theft of this service can be represented by phreaking, which is a type of hack that steals services from service providers, or uses services while providing fees to others. Because encryption is not common, user credentials are vulnerable to theft. This can cause a password leak from the bank account holder to transfer unauthorized bank balances online.

No need to worry, WINGS introduces WINGS Secure Call TM which offers 3 levels of security. End-to-end encryption key exchange and ICE technology for P2P utilities are provided by ZRTP (Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol) and internet flow is provided by TLS (Transport Layer Security). There is absolutely no VoIP data flow through the server and hence, calls are completely secure from one end to the other.

WINGS Play Store, The Best User-Friendly Application Store Is Here!

The current smartphone, consists of an application library called Play Store. Users can download any application they need through this vast store. However, for the download procedure, the application might require access to both - the capabilities of the device it uses and the user information stored by that device. In addition, as users go about their daily lives, their smart devices generate a lot of personal information and data, from the user's location in real time to the history of communication via telephone calls and text messages. This information can be very important for the operation of the mobile application.

The Main Problem Begins Here ...

After an application developer is given permission to access a user's personal data, it is entirely up to him to decide how the application will interact with the user's device and personal information. In addition, the application can gather insights from data collected by the application about important factors such as the user's physical activity, HISTORY BROWSING and media tastes, the use of public media and social networking interactions, the photos and videos they share, and the underlying communication. Obviously, this is the main concern among those who suffer greatly about how much information is used by this application.

To remove this barrier and promote a hassle-free mechanism from the app store, WINGS has introduced a Wings Phone ™ device . This device offers an anonymous application store that is run by Wings Mobile. This Play Store operates completely anonymously because users are not required to register email and are therefore given full privacy. However, almost all applications produce a certain PAY PER INSTALL, which adds up to the revenue distributed as a fee between Wings Mobile users .

WINGS Second Number, facilitates the task of managing telephone calls effectively

Unwanted calls, which follow with the Phone calls feature, are a major concern among smartphone users at the moment. Although the Android platform has many internal and external functions that help make the task of blocking unnecessary phone calls easier, these features are not standardized in all parts of Android because some versions offer more features than others.

With that in mind, WINGS has embodied the concept of WINGS Second Number ™, which is an exclusive service offered internally on all WINGS devices. Here, the user can freely choose all the additional telephone numbers he needs, and he can use both to receive and make calls with the help of Call Number Number Two. Interestingly, users globally can choose between 60 countries from all over the world! Hands down, managing phone calls has never been easier.

WINGS Suite, allows easy switching between devices

At present, the task requires the operation of an application that can be accessed via a laptop or smartphone. From instant messaging services like WhatsApp to making phone calls through laptops, users tend to demand faster ways to switch between devices with minimal changes to be made.

This user desire is fulfilled by WINGS Suite ™, a unique application offered by WINGS that enables users to transfer all Wings Phone functions , directly to laptops ( WINGS BOOK ), including GSM ( Global System for Mobile Communication ) calls from all cellular operators. This gives users a very desirable flexibility using smart technology devices.

Never miss a call while abroad, introducing WINGS World Roaming Free

With the rapid expansion of the world economy, the number of business trips that people tend to do has increased over the past few years. This in turn has increased DEMAND for a more user-friendly and cost-effective way for roaming data connections via smartphones while traveling abroad. However, the majority of roaming services that data providers offer request fees from both the caller and receiver side. Therefore, for frequent callers or quick business conference calls, this is an additional high beard by call participants.

To realize a new era of free calls when traveling abroad, WINGS has introduced Wings World Roaming Free ™ technology. This is the only system in the world that converts all incoming GSM calls into VoIP calls. As a result, through this exclusive technology, users can receive free incoming GSM calls, anywhere in the world with only an internet connection available. Don't forget, this tool works autonomously from cellular operators used by users at certain times!

WINGS Phone Cyber ​​Protection, conquering the world from cyber threats

Without a doubt, people who have worked in a business so far are the main weak links for businesses when it comes to cyber security. From falling into the trap of phishing emails, clicking links or downloading other documents that turned out to be malware, becoming an innocent SCAMS sufferer that ultimately caused companies to lose a lot of money, employees are the company's highest accountability when it comes to cyber security. As the world of commerce witnesses an increase in the number of businesses throughout the world, there is increasing concern over ways to deal with cyber threats effectively and efficiently.

Virtual World Protection Taking Over Cyber ​​Threats Now!

To facilitate this, WINGS has brought the development of cyber-protected multilayer devices from hardware, low-level OS (Operating System) to the application layer. In addition, by recognizing the dynamic characteristics of cyberspace threats, WINGS Phone ™ cybersecurity protection is developed based on behavior based learning and machine learning that enables competent cyber-to-business-cyber protection, called Prevention System (IPS). The extinction of cyber threats will begin soon!

WINGS Safe Core, protects crypto transactions across the blockchain network

In today's world, real-time crypto transactions are technically irreversible. Therefore, the funds received can be spent immediately which makes it very attractive to unauthorized traders and users. Therefore, the possibility of funds being transferred to destinations that are not certified by the rightful owner is VERY HIGH. Certain well-known sites also experience large amounts of payment or transaction flexibility.

The future of crypto is here ...

To erase this major concern among crypto currency dealers, the device has been introduced by WINGS which will create an independent blockchain network using the approval mechanism of the outstanding ledgers. This will in turn enable fast payments between network partners without the need for additional fees. Wings Safe Core is WINGS's exclusive technology that ensures transaction integrity and secures hardware cold storage crypto wallets. Safe Core consists of several built-in protection features that provide a platform for friendly and secure payments. These features include, Trusted Display, Hiding IP Address and Randomizing MAC Address.

However, these 8 exclusive features highlight the 8 main problems that are expected to be effectively conquered by the WINGS device. Watch for the next interesting reading that shows other aspects of this newcomer in the world of advanced technology.



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