HubrisOne Launches Mobile App During HBRS Token ICO


HubrisOne has announced the launch of its new mobile app during the HBRS token ICO. HubrisOne is among the most adopted new creation projects.

Today we present a project oriented to comfort and versatility, a project focused on modernizing banking services by joining them to a whole crypto ecosystem. HubrisOne is presented as an all-in-one solution that can revolutionize the “self-banking” sector.

In the crypto ecosystem, we can find a good variety of expressions or slogans; among them there is a very widespread one that has gained strength in recent months, the slogan: “Be your own bank”. In that sense, until the last dates, it has been complicated to fulfill it.

Wallets with few functionalities and less than intuitive interfaces prevailed among the usual software; hindering the adoption phase for non-specialized users. Be your own bank was a bit far, while the dream of adoption was waiting, the developers of multiple projects were looking for solutions. Already consolidated projects contributed their advances to existing networks and new projects take over. They are projects like HubrisOne that are now the turn to innovate.

At a time when so much diversity is available, projects that hit the right key often stand out. A good measure of success is usually the number of early adopters. It must be said that without having carried out promotional campaigns, the support of the community with more than 11,000 early users (known as early adopters) builds an early foundation for HubrisOne.

In its first four weeks and before the promotions, an amount of 11,000 users seems a great acceptance. The expectations are positive and the team has been prepared in recent months for a much larger future ecosystem. An ecosystem that will revolve around the HBRS token.

HBRS Token Compatible with Ethereum Wallets

The HBRS token is an ERC20 standard of the Ethereum network, compatible with wallets such as Metamask and MyEtherWallet. It can be purchased at the time of publication of this article.

According to their website, the fixed price is 0.01 $ per token or 100 HBRS per US dollar. In euros, they would be around 114 tokens per euro (the Euro / dollar exchange oscillates in a side channel of 1.14 $ per euro in the last weeks).

For those interested in participating in the ICO, we remind you that you are in an early stage and you have a 50% bonus. To know exact costs at the time of reading we recommend visiting the official website of HubrisOne. One of the best ways to ask questions is to contact the administrators of the HubrisOne community Telegram channel.

HRBS token contract


For those interested in investing in the company, in addition to the token sale, there is an alternative option. Through (one of the major crowdfunding platforms funds regulated by the FCA EU) investors may purchase shares in HubrisOne. In a partnership with Crowdcube, shares of the company can be purchased for as little as ten pounds (£10).

The Functionality of a Wallet and Visa/Mastercard a Fintech Combination

The project offers a wide range of functions beginning with eliminating slow account creation processes. The digital account is instant opening, so it takes advantage of digital advances to leave behind the slow bureaucracy. Once the account is created, the wallet is immediately available – a ready-to-use multi-currency wallet compatible with IBAN, Euros, Pounds … so it can be linked to your accounts for greater liquidity convenience.

We think it is important to note that it has an insurance service so the wallet is fully protected. Thanks to the multi-purpose wallet, it is possible to create a package of services capable of competing in the fierce emerging market of multifunction wallets.

An offer of services that offers multiple use cases to the HBRS token, a token that can be purchased now at Soon we will stop to mention some technical details regarding the HBRS token. One of the most frequent questions of new users of cryptocurrencies is … and where can I use it? In HubrisOne it is a detail that was solved from the first moment; A compatible card linked to the wallet is responsible for offering compatibility with any traditional device. Each customer receives a Visa / Mastercard debit card closing the circle of use cases, creating demand and “speed of money” around the HRBS tokens.

Airdrop Campaign with the Launch of the Mobile Application

The HubrisOne app for iOS and Android is one of the latest developments of the project, putting the entire HubrisOne ecosystem in the palm of your hand. In the last two or three years we have witnessed a massive boom in mobile applications over traditional web environments. The early user community is in luck with the launch of the mobile apps. It has never been so easy to access the services of the platform.

To participate, new users must download the application on either Android or iOS; complete the registration, and enter the reference code if available and ready. 1000 HBRS tokens will automatically be deposited into your initial balance. In addition, a reward is applied for each referral that completes the same process. More details are available in the application and the white paper of the project.

The Fintech revolution is developing new personalized routes and HubrisOne gets on the crypto ecosystem train with a complete menu.

HubrisOne Incorporates a Marketplace Offering the Community P2P Use Cases

The market platform allows customers (more than 11,000 users) to access blockchain services and not blockchain. In 2018 we have witnessed a boom in this type of markets; the incorporation of more options and services in the latest generation wallets promotes decentralized markets and / or alternative markets.

In the ecosystem proposed by Hubris, one of the most important use cases can be the market platform; Customers must have a minimum of 5,000 Hubris tokens to operate. Once the 5000 tokens are acquired in the portfolio, the user is enabled to operate in the marketplace. This requirement has caught our attention, to more users want to operate in the market of the platform … more tokens will be kept in the wallets. Therefore, the one already known as “#HODL” is encouraged.

Among the services, they include travel insurance, accommodation, transportation (car rental, scooters, airfares, and more). The offer is not there, since it also incorporates various services. A whole offer on the menu that ranges from fintech services such as loans, to retail offers or rewards in the form of “cashback” through Hubris tokens.

How Does Cashback Work in the HubrisOne Ecosystem?

Each user, as mentioned above, will receive a Visa / Mastercard debit card from HubrisOne. The card will be linked to his or her HubrisOne account or wallet. In this way, when used in brick-and-mortar stores or online stores that accept HBRS, the customer will receive 1% cashback in Hubris Tokens. Obviously, the owners of said tokens are free to maintain, exchange or sell them at their own free will; it remains in the hands of the user once their wallet is assigned.

The use of the functionalities and the various services feed the wallets of the users. By using the advantages and amenities of HubrisOne you receive the tokens as a cashback. A broad community, requires full services, the advantages of new technologies linked to traditional systems still in force.



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