EzyStayz The Best Of Solutions A Global Holiday Rental Platform With high Tech


The new of innovation of technology with a good performance will impact for all project make as well and then we can see demand stilll increase , do you know guys now the global industry taveling is very high we must to learn and choice for best on travel industry , likes to see the ecosystem and then management , and then quality of the services it must to notice .

at the moment the implementation of technology likes blockchain make as well the establishing the ecosystem and provides the growing of product as well so this is will make all client comfortable .

today i will present the great of solution for better in industry travel for as well lets present EzyStayz

Do you want to know EzyStayz ?

Lets present guys is the innovation of technology with a good concept for solution in quality of traveling industry for better , on there we can easy for booking the services at the time so this is make all user comfortable and make growing the value in future. and then we can easy for operation the platform, and easy for controling the risk of management from the home for booking services.

With blockchain technology make the EzyStayz as well in the ecosystem and then with blockchain technology make establishing the interaction transaction on the platform, blockchain technology make provide the proggress of project as well ,and fast on transaction , high in security system and transparent and safer .


Do You Know Guys The Reason For Choice EzyStayz ?

First you can see the EzyStayz is cheaper on interaction and transaction ,because on there cost of the transaction is very comfortable guys , and then you can choice the more travellers you will interested , and try with new experience ,the platform is easy for use and operating , and then the platform is accept for crypto and fiat for payment .

Make happy for travelling with EzyStayz and we can getting more benefits so that make comfortable , and then the platform is safer , transparent.

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Feature of EzyStayz :

  • Use the good of implementation of technology with blockchain technology
  • Have a good services and responsible
  • Growing the business plan on travelling to make as well
  • Transparency and fast transaction
  • Use a great of decentralized network so that make as well on transaction
  • High security system
  • Good management of the risk
  • Low in transaction fee

Detail Of EzyStayz :

Tokensale 1

  • Token name : EZT
  • Token price : $ 0.04
  • Start : 2019-10-01
  • End : 2019-11-12
  • Supply for sale : 60 MM EZT
  • Cap : 1.6 MM USD

Tokensale 2

  • Price of token : 0.04$
  • token for sale : 120 MM EZT
  • Cap : 4 MM USD
  • Start : 2019-11-13
  • End : 2019-12-25

Tokensale 3

  • Price of token : 0.04 $
  • token for sale : 70 MM EZT
  • Cap : 2.5 MM USD
  • Start : 2019-12-26
  • end : 2020-02-06

Do you know guys EzyStayz will starting IEO on 2019-10-01 and will end on 2020-02-06

  • IEO token : 488.2 MM EZT
  • Softcap : 2.5 MM USD
  • Hardcap : 12.145 MM USD


  • Tokensale 64%
  • For Reserve 10%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Team 6%

Detail of team EzyStayz :

  • James Moses , Founder & CEO
  • Sebastian Ashar , CTO
  • Sofia Sorberg , Head Of Marketing & Social Media Manager
  • Catherine Kuzmina , Head Of Content
  • Carlii Lyon , Executive Branding Consultant
  • Rod Bellon ,Community Manager
  • Vikrant Mukherjee , Business Development Manager
  • Rahul Sharma , API Integration Developer
  • Hristo Piyankov , Tokenomics Advisor
  • Manish Saini , Simplifiying The Unthinkable With State Of Art Tech

    Advisor :

  • Nikolay Shkilev , Phd , Founder & CEO
  • Vladimir Nikitin , Brand Ambassador
  • Jason Hung , ICA Co Founder ICO & STO advisor
  • Anthony Abunassar , STO Advisor
  • Marco Torregrossa , Workforce & Labour Markets Advisor
  • Marc Couzic , Founder,Innovator and CEO at Fieldcoin
  • Ralph Dahm , Chief Executive Officer at Precharge inc,
  • Genson Glier , DLT & Decentralized Networks
  • Sam Kawtharani , Advisor , consultant , Fintech ,blockchain



Username BTT : Ris88
Profile BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=742331
Wallet ETH : 0x2CF4F93348116B2Ce67Ecb7A9eA57E10Bf0f81A2

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