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An award is something that is given to an individual or a group if they do an advantage in a certain field. Awards are usually given in the form of medals, trophies, titles, certificates, plaques or ribbons. An award is sometimes accompanied by the awarding of a monetary prize such as the Nobel Prize for contribution to society,crypto awards The first honest rating of crypto projects, companies, and people with a transparent voting process based on feedback and reviews from real crypto users and customers is now live on

 Crypto Awards is a project whose ranking deserves full trust.

The site publishes the first honest ranking of crypto projects, companies and people with a transparent voting process, based on reviews and feedback from real users and crypto clients. The project itself was presented by Finexpo, an event producer with over 18 years of experience in the market.

What's special about Crypto Awards is that they are really chosen by people. 72 nominations have been nominated by real market experts to ensure fair and transparent competition between more than 1000 industrial projects, companies, exchanges and even people. People about People sounds phenomenal, so special nominations have been set to honor the most significant personalities in the industry.

The rating will cover all areas of the crypto industry. The mechanism is quite simple: people from all over the world review and evaluate projects, so they select the best of the best. Undoubtedly, these ratings help potential clients and newcomers to the industry to choose the safest place to invest safely.

The rankings will be recalculated for one year and Finexpo will announce the first winners at the end of 2021. Interestingly, if the COVID 19 situation is safe by the end of the year, the ceremony actually promises to go global with Blockchain Fest. In Cyprus.

Crypto Awards are rankings where every candidate competes to be the best of the best, so expect more in 2021. 

How it works:

  • Show gifts : projects, companies, exchanges or people. It will take less than 5 minutes to complete your profile information.
  • Nominations Join : Each candidate can participate in an unlimited number of nominations.
  • Earn more points : get user reviews and respond to them, invite more people to vote
  • Victory : Collect as many points as possible to become a winner and receive a prize.


  • For Visitors : In choosing an exchange or company, product, service,
  • For Clients : In solving problems associated with interactions with exchanges and companies, for exchanges and companies - in change for the better.
  • Score
  • Yours : Crypto Awards will treat our users and partners with respect.
  • Justice : The ranking rules are the same for all users and partners.
  • Transparency : All feedback and calculation formulas are publicly available on the website.
  • Collaboration : Crypto Awards will help all users and partners to solve problems together.
  • Believe it : Users and partners trust Crypto rewards with important information, and Crypto awards respect that.

82 crypto projects have joined us
The first honest ranking of crypto projects, companies and individuals with a transparent voting process based on reviews and reviews of real users and crypto clientsCrypto Awards is a ranking where every nominee fights for the right to be crowned the best of the best.Ratings will help you select the most reliable projects and companies for a safe investment. 

CRYPTO AWARDS - a ranking where each nominee fights for the right to be crowned Best of the Best The ratings can help you select the most reliable projects and companies for a safe investment. 

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