BellCoin shi ne mafi kyawun tallafi da aminci a duniya. Don bawa ownership BeLLCoin's most important contribution to the block, including DLT and P2P upgrade system in the next step, Ringer is becoming a Chime DEX, which will give BeLLCoin all that the community wants: share products used by all people, DEX, customer support and all BeLLCoin users, establish an independent association with all BeLLCoin owners.

Today we will visit you about Ringer Wallet. When you make the Chime Wallet site, you need Twitter, Email and Facebook. All of these information should be sent promptly to verify your identity while using the Wallet verification. When you make the Ringer Wallet account, you need a photo, you must change the image whenever you need insurance for the Chime Wallet. Ringer Wallet .To make a wallet. If you can not find your baggage in the same way as ignoring or hiding your password, security will cover the current situation and will restore to you everything you want.

Firewall maintains a major separation from losing all your benefits and ensuring that your assets will be guaranteed to your guarantee. The Firewall has the potential to connect to the record. In this setting, for your use, you should have the guarantees from any customer you have assigned. If the company manages cash flows, individual decisions can encourage trade and good conditions for new tools and exchange solutions, which are at stake with various risks. Trackers can change their chances of Chime Wallet with the given conditions.

Misali, if an unexpected thing happens to the owner, some clients, for example, relatives, loved ones or practitioners, may be able to go to the wardrobe in order to be aware of their concerns. We understand that nothing is going on forever and that different people are describing what will happen to their savings account if something happens to the owner. Wakar Wuta Lambar na iya kawo karshen wannan yanayi ta hanyar tsaro da tsaro na amfani da ku.

Information for financial institution:

  • Name name: BeLL  
  • Name: BeLL  
  • Image: BeLL
  • Stage: ERC20
  • BeLL Accounting Summary: 100,000,000 BeLL Tokyo
  • There are ICI Tokyo ICOs: BeLL 30,000,000 (30%)
  • Soft Cap: $ 5,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $ 30,000,000

Premium premium - this fee will be removed by its original way:

  1. Text up to $ 100,000-100 BeLL or 0.05 ETH / month
  2. Resources Up to $ 500,000-500 BeLL or 0.3 ETH / month
  3. Resources Up to $ 1,000,000 - BeLL one or 0.7 ETH / month
  4. The ICO began on January 15, 2019.



Username Profile BTT : Ris88

Link Profile :;u=742331

Wallet ETH : 0x2CF4F93348116B2Ce67Ecb7A9eA57E10Bf0f81A2

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