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Since its inception, the world of cyptocurrency has become more crowded and more and more enthusiasts. All of that is inseparable from technology used,with by using blockchain technology which offers convenience, security and transparency in use process.
Bitcoin is the originator birth of Cypto technology, and it can be ascertained if Bitcoin is getting attention from government, society and even they are very enthusiastic about a presence of this bitcoin. By using the work of per 2 per method, bitcoin is a right choice for people to invest in a future. So as usual, on this occasion I will discuss about new projects that are present in the midst of crowded crypto world lovers. Alright, the short story of this project is the Mycrojobs Project. Where this project offers you a right way to invest or do the buying and selling process, with many advantages. Are you curious about Mycrojobs Project and want to find out more about this project ??
let's get to know more intensively about this project further !!!!

• Introducing
Mycro is a blockchain technology that offers many benefits for its users easily. By using the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Mycro is the solution to your current job. This is a new way for you to solve problems related to homework, sending, watching goods and skill services. By offering smart applications, designed to connect quickly with community members who will help you to solve your problems. Mycro tokens are a major that can be used in franca communities, investors and contributors as the main recipients of this ecosystem growth. Mycro tokens are ERC-20 blockchain based utilities Ethereum. Apart from that to avoid fraud from other users, the Mycro Project uses KYC regulations, which are to provide security for its users. Through the verification process and complete documents from its users, this evidence will be stored in blockhain decentralization. Mycro is a high-tech prototype - more than an idea work. This is how the future works by only using an application. Because Mycro comes to provide solutions to your problems to regulate how to work, to socialize so that it will be easier to be a professional manner.

• How Its Work ??
There is a sketch / work method of the Mycro project that you can see as follows: The success of Mycro is significantly based on intuitive usability, where by using algorithm methods for self-learning, this is a solution that serves the needs of job providers and workers in a quick and uncomplicated way. There are two people who don't know each other. Mycro acts as the "Provider" job provider and the other as "contractor" contractor. This happens by matching the right job offer with the right contractor. Then by using algorithm methods for self-learning, which are learned through the Mycro application, employers can see what needs to be done for their work. Only then can the two parties achieve their goals, until they finally get a job and the contractor receives money from his job. This is a significant success of the Mycro Application based on intuitive usability.

• Visi & Missions,
In this era of advanced technology, it requires everyone to stay ahead and compete with other humans, so that they will have a little time for them to be able doing of work and control their own time without coercion and set by others. Therefore Mycro comes by offering convenience for everyone to solve problems related to, homework, sending, watching goods and service skills. By using the Desetralization per-2-per network system, Mycro Project globally aims to give freedom to everyone in the World to be able to finish their work EASILY, and in accordance with what they want (time or spare money). And by giving everyone access to the same opportunity to everyone in the World, no matter whether they come from a village in Vietnam, on the outskirts of Berlin or from Downtown Manhattan. They will still have the same access to and be part of a large community at the Mycro Project, because this is the mission that the Mycro Project wants to achieve in general. This is a good opportunity for users who want to join this large community.
The KTT was held in Vietnam 2019 OKEx collaboration. This discusses about the prospects that will occur for Mycro in a future ... I show you how Mycro team that talks about this project is more advanced and successful..

• Solutions
By creating innovative solutions for people with problems of time and money, Mycro is the best solution and choice for you right now, because Mycro is a work system application, which can connect customers and workers using only on a mobile device. And using a per2per system , this will provide a close relationship within this community. All work will be easier, because all the needs of work can be posted directly to mycro network for free, so that it will make a work more efficient and certainly will benefit more in financial terms, because easily people will get a right job in accordance with they want.

• Feature ;

  • Resolve of Problem,
    Providing equal access to its users through a mobile application, which can regulate how to unite and supply home, shipping and skilled services in one place. Because the Mycro application can provide convenience in its use, with the help of Blockchain technology itself is a very necessary advantage in this Mycro Application.
    -High cost,
    Most of the platforms that exist at this time, incur high costs in every transaction process. Also with the high operational costs that exist, so it will impose costly fees on users. The Mycro Project is here to solve all your problems easily and simply using only an Application.
    -Low cost,
    Offering a low cost in every process of trading transactions, Mycro will provide satisfactory results on every transaction process, because by using a system per 2 per in the transaction process, this will cut costs during transaction, which is around 0-30% of the costs incurred.
  • Escrow payment,
    Escrow wallets are needed to receive money from the work you have done. Using smart contracts, and smart algorithms will help control this relationship. The contract provisions will be considered successful only when both parties are satisfied with fulfilling their obligations, namely to receive the results of the work that has been done.
    -Democratic rating,
    The function of a smart contract is to decide on payment by cryptocurrency, both of which will receive a personal QR code, where the magnitude and nominal value of this smart contract depends on how large the nominal number of each one is produced. Early work is indicated by the job provider scanning the QR code contractor, using smart contracts stored in IPFS data, the ethereum address is expected to provide an assessment between workers and the same business person. And providers of jobs and smart contracts will take care of contractor money

• Token Details
Name : MYO
Technology : ERC-20
Token Type : Token utilitas
Token Payment : 100.00.000 MYO
ICO Token : 66.000.000 MYO
ICO Price : € 0,25
Soft cap: € 1.500.000
Hard cap: € 14.000.000
Payment Accepted : ETH, BTC, LTC, Bank Transfer (EUR, CHF), kredit card

• Token Distributions

• Token Allocations

• RoadMap

• Team

I am proud can be able to promote this project to all of you, if there is interest from you, and want to know about this project further,
Please Visit Official Social Media From This Project:
Website: http://www.mycrojobs.io/
Whitepaper: http://www.mycrojobs.io/
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5008139.0
Telegram: https://t.me/mycrojobs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mycro.jobs/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mycrojobs
Medium: https://medium.com/mycrojobs

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