The Shepherdess' Dress - a new poem

Videos on Youtube, TED talks in fact,
telling me to write, the power of writing,
extreme writing, daily writing, nothing:
and my resitance to this, my feeling
of distrust: that passerine singing outside,
the morning rooftops in the blue sky:
doubt overflows me, I don't trust Wordsworth,
his poetic opus, forever a prelude
to what? I question punctuation,
blank verse, and Sir Francis Bacon:
is writing just another kind of compliance?
Philomenia draws inspiration
from the flowers the maid had set on the table,
in watercolours paints a still-life
that Papa will later frame;
she gazes out into the park beyond the haha,
where the rank grass of late summer tells
there is lax husbandry on the estate,
the kine left too long in the meadows,
fly-blown ewes behind the dark woods,
tares in the corn: Philomenia
turns to her embroidary, selects
a royal blue thread and patiently
brings out the pattern on the shepherdess' dress.

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