Buying ГОЛОС

A couple of months ago I asked on Steemit about buying Голос. There was no immediate answer, and the moment pasted. This week the question came to my mind again, and I happened to be nosing around @changelly's website and stone-the-crows, it's that easy. So I changed my hardforked weekly ration of SBD to Голос and here I am.

Maybe there was some kind of announcement about this, but it passed me by. Looking at all the increases going in the Altcoins, it seems to me that Голос is seriously undervalued. Good luck to you all.

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you are optimistic

06.05.2017 17:01

You are not? Of course there are no certainties in this game, but when the fiat whales start taking an overt interest, and then perhaps the recent gains are sustainable, it might well be that голос can rise a few points.

06.05.2017 17:10

I also think that Golos can easily go up like x4-x10 in less than a year.

06.05.2017 17:06

It is possible

06.05.2017 17:11

And thank you for the transfer.

06.05.2017 17:13

Yeah, here in Golos we have special donation bot for that. You send some money to account @dobrobot and write Golos per Vote amount in the memo field. Then each time you vote for somebody this bot transfers portion of your money to the guy you've just upvoted. Very convinient bot)

06.05.2017 17:18