Everyone who works with cryptocurrency wants to know which coin is more promising, how not to invest in a falling coin and how to protect yourself from losing money. There are many analytical agencies that are ready to assist you in choosing a safe deposit currency. However, choosing the right agency is not an easy task, especially for an inexperienced user. Recently, a number of interesting projects added to Neironix.

Neironix is ​​an agency that, regardless of other international rating agencies, deals exclusively with investment risks and their assessment in the economy. The analytical mechanism functions due to a continuous information chain of blocks, which is built according to the rules.

The basic mission of Neironix is ​​to be the main and universal supplier of intellectual and material information in cryptocurrency territories. The user has the opportunity to watch around the clock for changes in the situation on the cryptocurrency market, as well as get analytical advice at any time of the day or night. There is also a system of final customer ratings, thanks to which you can see the real feedback from users of the platform. This will help you form a correct opinion about the situation on the cryptocurrency market.


The main audience of Neironix are free exchange traders with a positive reputation, cryptocurrency institutions and ICO programs. A Neironix user can independently choose the amount and specificity of the information provided to him, depending on his desires and the cost of the selected tariff.
Neironix offers users the following information:

  1. Forecast and alerts for changes in the position of the coins or ICO.
  2. The forecast associated with the implementation of the project plan for the Roadmap.
  3. An internal review of reviews of each performed ICO.
  4. A rating list of cryptocurrencies and tokens converting.
  5. Analysis of cash trading.
    You can also find a lot of other interesting information and choose the format of work with Neironix that suits you.


Token: NRX
Price: 1 NRX = 0.5 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Min investment: 0.1 ETH
Country: Estonia


White paper:


Bitcointalk username: Troma666
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1938095
ETH wallet address: 0xda40436e25Db4242cb51ACaD19242C7762371234

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I respect the projects made for people, they are successful in 99%

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