Today I want to tell you about the project CHYNGE. The goal of the platform, which is based on the innovative blockchain technology, is instant, independent and secure payments within the decentralized financial system. Anyone can become a member of the platform, it’s enough to register on the project website. It does not matter what income the participant has.
The platform is characterized by setting global targets. And the project has all the reasons for this. Its creators are perfectly oriented on the financial market and are striving to solve the problem of inefficient movement of money using the latest technologies. Then individuals and legal entities and individual firms will be able to save their money.
Undoubtedly, each of us would like to carry out all our financial transactions in one place, while saving our time and money. This opportunity provides this platform. Also, CHYNGE can be proud of its nice interface, which is its advantage.


The CHYNGE project is characterized by a number of features and advantages that will not leave indifferent those who need financial services.

  1. The platform protects its users from financial scams. Financial crime has no place inside this platform. This is where all client transactions and transactions are scanned using previously established risk indicators and algorithms that find questionable schemes and operations. This is a fundamental difference of the platform from similar projects.
  2. The platform guarantees the conduct of each transaction, and instantly and reliably.
  3. Thanks to liquidity pools inside the platform, expensive bank credit lines are eliminated. For customers, this is a significant advantage.
  4. The platform guarantees the security of transactions, because they are all free from illegal money. This significantly increases the credibility of the project by users.


The project token is CLPX, it has its own functionality, namely:

  1. Serves as a store of value.
  2. Acts as a store carrying out currency conversion.
  3. Coordinates project liquidity pools on a global scale.
  4. Provides a reduction in settlement, credit and currency risk.


As can be seen from the platform site, the project is developed by a powerful team of world-class professionals. Undoubtedly, with such leadership project awaits imminent success.
Since the partners of the platform are fairly well-known companies, the team in every way contributes to the gradual and harmonious development of the project. The team of creators not only has extensive experience, but also includes experienced marketers, entrepreneurs, developers of various kinds of crypto products.
High competence of the team in various areas allows every day to bring the platform to a new stage of development, according to the phased plan for the development of the project. The management of the platform includes owners of well-known companies, founders of international associations, so you should not worry about the future of the project.


So, having studied in detail the CHYNGE platform, we can say that the project has great advantages and gives great opportunities to its participants. The main competitive advantage of the platform is to ensure the security of all transactions. We also can not fail to say about the absence of financial crime within the project, instant transactions and savings of users due to the absence of expensive bank credit lines.

A huge number of platform users recommend it to their closest circle and business partners, because there is all the necessary functionality for transactions. Everything that users need is in the framework of this project. There is also the possibility of additional income. Becoming a participant in the project, as it develops, you can increase the results in business, save time, save your existing finances and increase your well-being.


Token: XCLP
Price: 1 XCLP = 0.05 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH, XLM
Minimum investment: 250 USD
Soft cap: 80000000 XCLP
Hard cap: 560000000 XCLP
Country: Singapore

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