The wonderful sunset in Errachidia Morocco

Hello everyone,

My friend Yassine sent me 4 beautiful photos that he took during the days of confinement, the sunset in a magnificent location in the south east of Morocco.

This place is located about 15 Kilometers from the city ERRACHIDIA an old Moroccan tourist town which was called "SIJILMASSA" The capital of Morocco in the twelfth century.

The South East region of Morocco was once a vibrant territory where many civilizations were born and then disappeared.

This city amazed the greatest travelers and drew the ink of the chroniclers dazzled by its fascinating charm.

Below are the four photos taken by my friend, I hope you like them :





Best Regards @Redouanemez

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@redouanem hi! its a nice place, yes! thanks for pictures!

20.07.2020 06:54