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When it's cold outside

Mummy and Daddy were meant to have a night to themselves to celebrate her graduating the bachelor part of her degree and I was meant to be with Aunty but, with Daddy working late and my early bedtime, they are stuck at home. I heard that Daddy was going to get some sushi for Mummy though, that is her favourite. One day, she might even let me have some to try.

Look at me facing the Arctic temperatures and the ferocious polar bears that roam the displays at IKEA. This post is from a couple of weeks ago but Daddy and I are going to be heading there on excursion this weekend.

got a new bed from my cousin last weekend and things have been going very well to the point I finally realised this morning, I can leave the bed whenever I want. That is going to come in handy I am sure. The only issue is that the mattress is a little worn and I am pretty sure, it has boy germs.


So, Daddy and I will go and find a nice fresh mattress for the bed and, the Swedish make decent ones that are pretty cheap. It is always fun to go there because Daddy and I play around the store like monkeys and Mummy gets embarrassed however, Mummy is off studying again so won't be with us this time.

I like when i read to listen to nice music too

Of course, I kick all of the blankets off me before I actually go to sleep but I know that magically, they will be on me again in the morning.

Today was a home day with Mummy because I had to go to see the allergy doctor for a checkup. I don't mind these ones because the doctor is nice and I feel she knows me well enough now. I don't know how many times I have met with her the last two years but it must be 20-30 at least so I wonder if I am her best customer? I have likely bought her a car in that time, I hope I can get healthy before there is a house to go with it.
But, as long as I am improving it is all that matters at this point. Everything in time.

It'll be good to spend the weekend with Daddy because he has been so busy that by the time he has gotten home this week, we only have space to play a bit of Lego and read a book before I am off to bed. One thing that is lovely is that now the bars are gone and I am in a proper bed, Daddy and Mummy can tuck me in and give me kisses before I sleep.

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