Waking up early to prepare and arrange my students 1st semester exam exam

Last Thursday, I had sent my copy of 1st semester exams to the admintration department at the morning time, so I was on time and on schedule.

The lady there is so cute nice officer whom is so helpful and because of this , she was so kind that she could not force all teachers to fulfill their commetmints on time so she was late in submitting the whole bunch of exams for all teachers on time.

so, the head of school was angry from her and she was shouting on her like hell.

I was really sorry to see her crying at the end of the day.

so here we are , i have waked early today on my weekend day to help her from a distance by sending her my revised exams on our weekend to show her that i am still and i will keep supporting her...

GOD Bless.


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