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The Exhibition for the Folding Screens of Choson Kingdom, Korea

There had been an exhibition for the folding screens made during Choson dynasty.
One of my friend introduced me the exhibition.
When I was a little boy, there were traditional folding screens in every house.
Whether the family had the common sense or not was decided, the family had a nice traditional folding screens or not.
My father and the uncles were proud of having the wonderful folding screens, though everything on the folding screens were forgotten due to the fast change of living style now days.

The life style I had live in my childhood must’ve been slow, but those slow way of living seemed to contain the core of happiness.

As looking around the exhibition, I was reminded of forgotten memory in my childhood.

There were too many folding screens, so it looked like to difficult to introduce all of them.
So I’d like to show my deer steemins some impressive ones among those folding screens.

Below was embroidered folding screen.
Its composition was so amazing as modern as that of now days.



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