Testing @upromo service  for the first time

i have read so many articles about this service of upvoting the posts with risk of losing the money to @null by burning
the highest bid will pass

i will try this service on today

on this post

wish me luck

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@red-rose Hello. I wish you good luck. Glad you sorted it out. With English I have all bad, so I write through yandex translate, and this is an inaccurate translation.

02.07.2019 09:07

@upromo hi - please i could not understand the way to use your service
i have 98 golos - i want to use them in your service but until now i do not know how and where to send them

please try to understand me and write to me where to send these 95 golos

is it to @null directly

is it to @upromo with link directly ?

please reply in russian and i will translate it - i will try

02.07.2019 09:10


  1. Go to /market;
  2. Sell GOLOS, Buy GBG;
  3. Send to @null with memo: @author/permlink
    author - year login, permlink - year post address. example: if post url - /golos/@user/my-bad-english,
    sending to null:

minimum 20 GBG. Now it is recommended about 50 GBG.

In the future, instructions and rules for working with the service and a link in the comments will be made.

02.07.2019 09:33