On growing up - - -  I am now 2.5 years old now

Recently, I turned two and a half. For those counting, that is exactly 2.5 human years.

At this point in life it is a good time to reflect, look back on where I have been and of course, where I am going.


I have been on this Blockchain for almost 1.5 years, over half of my life and, almost as long as I have been walking this earth. Before that, I was crawling around on all fours. I have 155 posts in that time, this will be 156.

I don't know how many there will be by the time I am eighteen but it at that point, Daddy will give me the keys and I will be able to do as I please with whatever there may be in the wallet and whatever value it may hold. 16 years from now is about the point where the inflation rate is a steady 1% and that means... Something.

In wonder what it is going to be like going to school as a Steemian when people in my age group will have accounts a few years old and, I will be an early adopter. Will I be treated differently? Will friends only be my friend because I can upvoted them lunch? Maybe I will have to keep it on the down low, just in case.

It is complicated being a child these days as there are so many things we have to look out for that didn't exist when you people were young - Like @steemmonsters under the bed.

Mummy doesn't really understand the value of this account yet but since she didn't keep a baby book like she intended, this is going to be it. My baby book is one the world has seen, read and taken part in creating. That is pretty awesome isn't it? Just think how boring baby books can be and, you are reading mine and perhaps even adding some financial value to it.

Thank you.

One day your vote might pay for my university, health care or perhaps, allow me opportunity to do what I love without having to worry about how I am going to pay for Mummy's aged care. The needle of what I love is going to be a hard thing to find in a haystack of attention grabbing likes.

Maybe I will be a girl of many loves but, should there be a great love of life, a purpose that drives all other actions? I don't know, I am only an 2.5 human years old. What do you think?

I have been having a lot of good days lately and have been pretty healthy considering most weeks. It is good to wake up singing, it is good to fall asleep being sung to. I wonder how long Daddy will sing me to sleep, I wonder how long I will let him before his voice gets to embarrassing to hear, when if it is just the two of us. He does his best.

I think that for Daddy, my blog is a way for him to process our shared experience and mauve connect with me on another level, across time.

Just think that one day, I will be reading this about myself and I will look at how I grew through the eyes of another. That is a strange meta experience. I look forward to it.

For now though, it is time to sleep a little and hopefully, wake up singing.


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