Enjoying Delicious Juice at "Joe & The Juice"

**If you live in London, you've probably familiar with Joe & The Juice bar. This is a chain of juice bars and coffee shops, which are considered very trendy at the moment.

I went to quite a few Joe & The Juice bars in Central London and all of them have exhibited lovely modern decor with loud and upbeat music to go with the vibe! It is a cool place to hang out and meet friends or simply stop off for a coffee or juice.
They offer great choice of juices and smoothies. My personal favorite is the “Go away doc”, which is a mixture of carrot, ginger and apple juice. The juices served up are fresh, healthy and delicious! Their coffee is good too, and besides the drinks themselves, they also have a selection of tasty sandwiches.
Another thing to mention is that the staff here are quite jolly and enthusiastic. This can only be a positive thing, right? Haha.

I love "Joe and The Juice" bar and can’t wait to come back sometime soon!**

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