Let's try to divide our reality into its two main components: those that fit into the scheme of society built by man, and those that do not fit into this scheme.
The first includes everything that is prescribed, for example, in the Civil Code. Well, in the criminal too. In other words. in the first case, we are able to put in the computer a model of the “ideal citizen” and see how much and in which direction a particular individual deviates from the template.
In this case, yes. Total control and actions based on its application are possible: encouragement and punishment. This should frighten (although, honestly, it scares mainly because a person a priori agrees to receive bonuses from all the achievements of civilization, but he is very reluctant to give something in return). And the protests are clear: the system leaves no room for "play" - you must become part of its function, otherwise you will be forced to do so.
However, there is another way. In fact, our desires make us dependent on control. If we want mobile communication, then we buy a mobile phone. Which, as we know, collects data about us. Throw out your mobile phone and spit on the convenience of texting with SMS-kami - a huge part of the control will go to the bin with the gadget. Starting to search for products on the Internet - OK, you again give a lot of data about yourself. Try the old fashioned way - and the data about you will never get anywhere.
We pay with our own transparency for our own desire to live comfortably. Putting comfort in priorities and not understanding that those who provide it to us, want something in return. Simply put, we want nothing. And this does not happen. And you have to pay in the currency in which the seller accepts the payment. What is not limited to money.
Because there are several solutions.

Do not use excess comfort, despite its apparent attractiveness. Hard? Yes, but quite achievable.
Not to be anything interesting. In the total amount of information spam fraught with the total control system, your data will simply disappear. They will not be in demand.
Accept the existing order and agree that control is a necessary step in the development of a new model of society.
All three paths are productive. And the choice is everyone’s business. By the way, there are certainly compromise options, and there are a lot of them. But this is only when the fantasy breaks out.

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