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I watched the film “Your sister's sister” and was impressed. By the way, I did not find this film on Netflix, nor on Popcorn-Time in other more dubious places. However, you can watch it free here

I am not sure what genre this movie belongs. It has no races, (the racing props — is a used bicycle) no fights, no shooting, no destruction of personal property, no murders, no zombie, suddenly appearing from the thicket of the forest and starting to kill. It's hard to imagine a lower-budget movie.

Most of the action takes place in a cabin on the lake. Everything on what the action holds is a classy dialogue, stemming from the accurately chosen and thoughtfully crafted situation, in which the characters of the movie are stuck. The dialogue is so realistic that, at times, you think that this is not a movie, but a documentary.

Do not look for this film a distinct division of the bad and the good. In fact, all the characters are normal, good people. Yet, this usual, very realistic situation makes one think about who is to blame? Are these the results of an accidental coincidence, or a consequence of the behavior of the characters and their actions?

There are no A-list actors in this movie, but the gathered ensemble plays with great efficiency and immersion in the role. As a result, the impression remains remarkable. Having no hope that many watched the film. Therefore, I will briefly describe it.
The name of the main male character is Jack. He is about thirty, lived all his life in the shadow of his older and loving brother Tom, who apparently had a brighter and a more integral personality. I'm talking about Tom in the past tense, because by the time the movie started, Tom was gone. Jack deeply mourns the death of his brother and cannot overcome his depressive state. Iris, Tom’s ex-wife, and Tom are friends. She offers Jack, to relax and gather his thoughts in a cabin by the lake (a part of her family estate). Jack comes to the lake and meets Hanna, Iris’s older sisters. Hannah came there to heal the wounds as well. Her girlfriend left her after a seven-year relationship. Both spend the evening drinking and end up in bed.

The next morning Jack sees that Iris has also arrived. He begs Hannah not to tell her anything about the last night. It becomes clear that Jack’s and Iris’ relationship are much more than just friendship. The next night, Iris confesses to her sister that she is in love with Jack. In a general conversation, it turns out that Hannah, now free from her lesbian relations, wants to have a baby and would not mind getting pregnant, no matter from whom. Jack suspects that he was used, as a sperm donor checks the condom and sees that it had holes.

Realizing that they cannot hide this issue any longer, Hannah tells Iris about her having sex with Jack. Iris is terribly upset and angry. Hannah assures her that she would never have done this should she know that Iris is in love with Jack. She is truthful about it, as she does not feel any attraction to Jack. Jack also would have never done it, should he know that Iris has a reciprocal feeling for him. At the same time, Jack says that if he is destined to become a father, then he will support this child in any way Hannah would want - financial or moral. At the end of the movie, the three of them look at the pregnancy test strip and the film ends before the viewer knows whether Hannah is pregnant or not.

However, this was hardly the matter. The main intrigue in what the characters in the movie could have done, in order to avoid unnecessary moral trauma and confusion in the relationship.

As I said above, there are no evildoers among them. If Hannah wouldn’t happen to be Iris’ sister, or if Iris and Jack wouldn’t happen to be in love there would be no problem. It's only in early youth that men are scared of children and responsibility. When they are over thirty, they start thinking about it.

The situation is somewhat absurd. No wonder Jack said that he’d never have done this, knowing he had the chances of getting it on with Iris. She was the wife of her beloved brother and for a long time, this circumstance became for him the high moral wall. Hannah, on the other hand, would never have done it, knowing that Iris had feelings for Jack. She didn’t even like Jack as she was a lesbian.

Can this conundrum be resolved in principle? I think so. Everybody here carries a little bit of guilt and, first of all, it is Jack. He had to be more forthcoming in explaining his feelings to Iris. If it were not for my brother... blah, blah, blah... He had to find more courage. The fact that he slept with someone is not a problem. It’s that this someone turned out to be Iris’ sister. He should have been more discretionary. As I mentioned Hanna did not even particularly like him. Even their sexual encounter was substandard. Jack just had the opportunity to "wet the beak" and he took it. He thought only with his the bottom head.

Iris could have also expressed herself a little more clearly. Although her behavior, the glint in her eyes, the position of the body, the constant looks she cast at Jack, and the constant presence in Jack's emotional field, everything was pointed to her attraction to Jack. Yet, since she saw that her chosen one was such a slob, she had to be a little more forthcoming. While Hannah… she should have been a little more discriminating, from whom to have her kid.

Also, I think that in many respects, one can blame the societal bias of the independence and self-sufficiency of women. There is nothing wrong with it once we talk about an equal pay and yet another when we talk about relationships. I think the western male now is so scared the lawsuits and sexual harassment charges that he does not act like a man, even in situations where it a requirement.

Respectfully, @mgaft1.

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