Remiit - Blockchain Powered Remittance and Payment


What is Remiit ?

This blockchain-based transfer platform connects MTOs around the world. supported the info disclosed on their official data processor, the REMIIT name rating system, that's that the most platform feature, permits operators to focus on remittal activity with MTOs or totally different partners. , therefore allowing secure transfers. Public ICO will happen from October to Nov 2018.

The REMIIT project may be a decentralized remittal and remittal platform that aims to handle the current international social issues inside the sphere of international financial transfer practice blockchain technology. the muse of making reliable chains among business partners in many countries eliminates restrictions on foreign transactions and provides cost-effective solutions for business participants.

Remiit brings to the community a replacement innovative perspective methodology inside the business of transaction; that the Remiit own theme supported blockchain technology.

Foreign exchange for remittal methodology lies at the bosom of overseas remittal or payment. Therefore, Remiit has designed the Remiit sensible Contract [RSC] to make the tactic scale efficiently. each participant of inside the Remiit theme unit of measurement placed at the center of the account.

To do this the Remiit, “RSC” with Remiit Payment entrance Protocol [RPGP] have combined to expand to “payment through the remittal platform.

With these basic infrastructure offered inside the Remiit theme, each participant can turn out varied ways that within which or channels to beat existing disadvantage. Limitations on previous foreign exchanges theme area unit attending to be overcome by varied channels, the market will expand and additionally the business will grow.

Remiit offers a occasional value commission to business participants in oversea remittal at varied levels more as “RSC” which may facilitate attach with the extended network. “RSC” provides specific interface to varied participants in remittal or payment methodology to leverage sensible settle for a further organic methodology. “RSC” -based business growth is that the elementary core and commencement inside the Remiit theme. If the oversea remittal methodology is effectively intense with “RSC” and insurance of the Remi Token, the Remiit theme area unit attending to be able to expand the whole business up to the payment infrastructure. “RPGP” has so been designed as a protocol to organically link “RSC” that covers payment transactions. Through “RPGP”, participants and payment suppliers in connected business can explore overseas business by linking to “RSC”. This nice likelihood offers “RSC” participants the freedom and trustiness to open new business opportunities on the way facet the current remittal services.


The main edges of the REMIIT platform unit of measurement the involvement of all market participants, like banks, credit companies, money transfer operators, totally different little organizations and folks. Through the technology of block, the foremost transparency and efficiency of all transactions is ensured. Excluding all intermediaries inside the transfer chain and attracting new users to the platform, the commission fee for all transactions is reduced. ensuring the stableness of the course by creating a pair of completely totally different tokens of utility.

Details of the REMIIT token

✅ Token: REMI
✅ PRE-ICO: Mid-October to mid-November
✅ MAIN ICO: Mid-November to end of December
✅ Softcaster: 5,000,000 USD
✅ Hard disk: 20,000,000 USD
✅ Price of the token: 1 REMI = 0.01 USD
✅ Deposit: ETH
✅ Icobench -4.5

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