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Every predominant element of the Optherium ecosystem is being advanced to deal with the three foremost demanding situations of the contemporary block industry: conversion charges and validation, virtual content material protection, and ease of use. virtual products. Optherium no longer best allows users higher manage and leverage their virtual property, it additionally fundamentally transforms Optherium's blockchain generation for use in banking and finance. Optherium Labs keeps its own peer-to-peer nodes and blockchains, forged thru consensus and combined with a system for sensible settlement and era guide. Many blockchains paintings with Hyperledger cloth, InterPlanetary document system (IPFS), and ethereal community with precise cross-web page transactions.

Optherium Labs is growing an environment around a modular, Multi-Decentralized private Blockchains community™ that provides rapid transactions and immediate confirmations making use of MultiSecure Transactions™, dynamic biometrics™ — based person verification regarding multi-currencies and more than one styles of digital assets. The Optherium environment will act as an operating machine for marketplaces, records-sharing networks, digital currencies, and decentralized communities. every transaction and every piece of facts is stored on a Multi-Decentralized non-public Blockchains community™ in the Optherium environment.

Optherium Labs offers agencies the opportunity to expand a branded product for the surroundings. this may enable businesses to take benefit of the quick-paced economic system of the Optherium atmosphere, immediate foreign money conversion and confirmation, Dynamic Biometrics ™ and Multi-Decentralized virtual currency trading security testing to their personal benefit.

Features of the Labs lab from Optherium Labs include:

  • Biometric security dynamics verification system revolution.
  • Unmatched multi-currency capabilities and multi-factor security for businesses or individuals.
  • Transactions are extremely fast with "instant confirmation" at 100,000 transactions per second with multiple channels.
  • Revolutionary Lock Recovery Service.
  • Powerful Know your customer logs.
  • Comprehensive Digital Copyright Registration.
  • Powerful and comprehensive B2B and B2C platforms.
  • Financial transactions with mutual transparency.
  • Share your company's commission structure based on Optherium's foreign exchange holdings.
  • Secure API with nominal transaction fee structure.

The main options of the innovative platform Optherium:

  • Dynamic Biometric check
  • Wallet supplier Service
  • Know your client service
  • Biometric Key Recovery Service

B2B Platform

The Optherium B2B Platform is designed to provider corporate and banking entities who are inquisitive about enforcing Optherium’s services and products within their very own structures. The module is constructed to be an interface for excessive-quantity transactions consisting of the ones happening on exchanges or in banks. custom-constructed APIs will provide immediately currency conversion and confirmations with multi-signature transactions.

This is a completely unique manner of recording high volumes of supply-chain transactions right into a single ledger in real-time for the purposes of management and reporting requirements. All deliver chain bills are managed with permissioned smart contracts to every supplier.


a fully practical, Multi-Decentralized™ virtual currency trading gives liquidity for any and all transactions inside the environment that require instantaneous conversion and confirmation, at speeds of over 100,000 transactions consistent with second.
At Optherium Labs, our aim is to resolve contemporary fintech issues by means of constructing a personal distributed ledger network allowing people and agencies to safely store, interchange and exchange virtual property with international fiat currencies global, without limits.


Each middle detail of the Optherium surroundings has been designed to deal with the 3 core problems of nowadays’s blockchain industry: velocity of conversions and confirmations, protection of digital assets, and value of virtual property. not handiest does Optherium help users manage and use their digital property extra intuitively, but it essentially modifications blockchain technology in order that it's miles usable via the banking and finance enterprise.


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