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The Kvantor platform is designed to provide the overall confidentiality of transactions (handiest parties involved in transactions are allowed get right of entry to to statistics), as well as quick and secure settlement without swift.

The mission was evolved by a crew of specialists, primarily based on their own experience and the international revel in of the professionals. Our assignment is to create products that permit both person organizations and all countries to unfastened themselves from their dependence on existing external external economic and monetary controls, but no longer in violation of nearby laws or laws of the partner's united states of america of house.

The platform is applied as SaaS and as a "container" answer. The SaaS layout permits machine members to interact freely, make payments nearly right away, and make certain the implementation of responsibilities thru clever contracts. The field answer is represented as a stand-alone machine with the capacity to hook up with a global platform through a convenient, broad API.

  • Mutual settlements with out speedy and burdensome manipulate
  • Enhancement of banking structures with an ability to function financial instruments based totally on blockchain era
  • market for commodity buying and selling: Direct settlements (bypassing conventional channels)
    • virtual guarantees, factoring, other opportunities based on blockchain and clever contracts.


the main goal of the agency is to offer the users with a platform that can make them absolutely able to ignore all bureaucracy even as still following the regulation. The bills are made via the blockchain and are speedy and may be carried out from everywhere inside the global.
Kvantor works each as a SaaS and as a “field” solution. The corporations at the platform might be free to have interaction with each different and it is able to also paintings as a “field” in which it is able to be a easy solution for when you want the capacity to connect with the platform by using the API.
unlike many blockchain platforms , Kvantor gives privateness to the users about the transactions that they made, as only the involved events are capable of see the information of the trades that they have made within the past and all the other records is blanketed.
Interbank transfers are one of the most important features of the enterprise. The blockchain enables to prevent hacking or another type of interference on the transactions. also, all of the cash transfers use a protocol that works in a similar way with a swift machine however in a quicker and simpler way.
The platform also can be used for commodity change. all of the transactions are made via clever contracts and the blockchain gives a great way to protect your self from having to deal with lots of paperwork and problems due to the fact the transactions occur with smart contracts.
Independently of the type of fiat forex that you could be using, the platform will most effective usea single system, so there will be no troubles with this both.

The Opportunities

For Companies

Direct settlements with contractors in country wide currencies (avoiding conventional channels and protocols of economic circulation)

convenient marketplace with automated execution of transactions, complementary offerings (logistics, insurance), electronic arbitrage

Verification of the counterpart — the platform’s structure lets in to test counterpart’s reputation and recognition in advance with none violation of statistics confidentiality, that's the excessive priority here

utilization of monetary gadgets (financial guarantees, factoring, and so forth.) and complementary services (insurance, etc.) based totally on new technology — automatically accomplished smart contracts — for transaction safety

enough decrease of monetary and time expenses for execution of transactions

buying and selling of belongings/liabilities in decentralized mode

protection of confidential statistics from unauthorized regulators.

For Banks

computerized clearing of mutual duties

Independence from centralized charge structures (provision of alternative channel, which can be used for both all or specialized transactions/clients)

Engagement of latest clients by provision of modern banking offerings demanded with the aid of small, medium and massive corporations

protection of exclusive information from unauthorized regulators.

For government

safety from control of competitively priced operations exercised via IMF, NSA and other unfriendly establishments/regulators

Execution of all operations on the idea of consensus of the stakeholders

growth in national monetary aggregates and reduce of real operations in overseas currency, increase inside the usa’s financial balance

In prospect, creation of a governmental agreement platform and uniting on its foundation of involved entities and political blocs.


unlike maximum cryptocurrency, Kvantor tokens will no longer be sold for ETH or BTC or even USD. The token fee could be determined by means of this formula "the charge of each KVANTOR token can be 1/1300 of the gold price on that day".
sales have started and could final until June 26, lasting two months. difficult cowl is $ 32,000,000 GBP and discounts could be supplied to early users of tokens. Tokens may be used often to shop for licenses from the organization later.

Token symbol: KVARK
Token Sales Start: April 26, 2018
Token Sales Ends: June 27 2018
Token Standard: ERC 20
Soft Cap: none
Hard Cap: 32 Million GBP

Conclusion Kvantor

Kvantor seems like a completely appealing platform because it permits big agencies that typically have troubles handling all of their transactions to apply platforms that can be extra effortlessly treated. due to the fact this is a organization with a whole lot of money like a financial institution, they may be the form of client with a purpose to make this organisation a hit because of the quantity of cash as a way to be transacted at Kvantor.

For further information, please visit some important websites below:

WEBSITE :https://kvantor.com/
TELEGRAM :https://t.me/kvantorcom
WHITEPAPER :https://kvantor.com/docs/whitepaper_ru.pdf
TWITTER :https://twitter.com/kvantor_com
FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/kvantorcom
REDDIT :https://www.reddit.com/r/kvantor/

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