What is all about?

BQT is a social platform for the trade of P2P cryptography and coverage buying and selling. The maximum vital goal of BQT is to construct a network and lifestyle of Crypto buyers the use of the Platform, supporting the network and reaping rewards the network.

in addition they consider that the call for for the preferred acquisition of cryptographic assets can be glad with a vast provide of numerous cryptographic property and negotiated directly through trader friends. therefore, while many Blockchain experts are trying to find greater approaches to marry CRYPTO with FIAT, BQT team believes in lowering dependence on FIAT.First factor first, a good way to apprehend what price does BQT has, we have to evaluate what sort of cryptocurrency trade that presently exists within the fame quo. i will describe in quick and attempt to explain the middle issues or what is missing within the modern-day repute quo that may be constant with BQT. you may additionally find greater information about this inside the BQT whitepaper, and i exceptionally advise you study it.

Based totally on what kind of cryptocurrencies that you desired to trade, you can additionally determine what type of trade which you use. Centralized trade, as an instance, in wellknown, has greater trading pairs in comparison to decentralized trade. it's why they generally have excessive extent and liquidity due to the fact expert buyers have a tendency to use them plenty. The atomic switch is probably the solution for decentralized change if you want to change across distinct blockchain, however the actual implementation and adoption is yet to return.

Amid the dominance of centralized alternate, decentralized alternate in form of P2P trade is gaining its momentum too. websites or buying and selling platform which include Localbitcoins and Paxful profits greater volume currently. Even Binance, the modern-day pinnacle 1 centralized trade in terms of buying and selling extent, is making plans to construct their very own decentralized exchange. This shows that decentralized change, or peer-to-peer crypto trading, continues to be an crucial market, likely could be the future of cryptocurrency buying and selling if the issues that they have may be solved pretty easily. that's in which BQT comes into play.

The rising traits of peer-to-peer trading can be interpreted as a general indicator that human beings nevertheless love to exchange at once with other users. In fact, there are a few essential blessings in the event that they exchange at once with their friends, consisting of the options to buy or sell some coins or barter their coins without delay without any charges. they can negotiate the rate, directly talk with their friends if they desired to make a deal, to the factor that they are able to trade with their very own regulations, and so forth.

P2P buying and selling has many benefits, together with expanding your social connections to understand different traders in person directly. rate and percentage your experience in trading with them, build your own portfolio and proportion your trading experience with other people at once in an effort to benefit greater knowledge and buying and selling abilities. Its provide flexibility, in extreme, every buying and selling that you make with your associate could have its very own regulations, which is not possible to manifest inside the centralized exchange.

However, the future of a reliable P2P trade wherein people can trade as exciting because the centralized change is but to return. there's nonetheless a whole lot of troubles that need to be solved, from safety issues to customer support services. earlier than all of those issues are solved, the destiny wherein P2P buying and selling dominate the cryptocurrency exchange commercial enterprise is but to come.

One function that is missing at the present day alternate, irrespective of its kinds, is the hedging characteristic. within the traditional inventory markets, hedging is defined as a manner to guard their funds, which could be very important in particular for investors who do not need to lose an excessive amount of cash. forestall loss (which is not to be had on each alternate) remains no longer sufficient. but, the future of reliable P2P platform for trading might be no longer that some distance, because BQT is there.

One of the maximum essential features a good way to be applied in BQT is the choice to hedge your crypto property, immediately from your peers. not best that, BQT will try and provide a trading environment in which supporting every other and profits benefits from and for the community is the middle values. to put it in short, via using the BQT platform, you can help or make income at once along with your peers.


  • P2p trades and hedge transactions
  • BQTescrow service
  • Negotiate and confirm trades
  • Rate and share trading experience
  • Social interactions among traders
  • Analytics and reporting

Token details

Token: BQTX
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price in ICO: 1 BQT = 0.00125 ETH
Tokens for sale: 115,000,000

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