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What is Asobi Coin?

ASOBI COIN is likewise a foreign exchange, which can be utilized in ASOBI marketplace, the disbursed Secondary content Platform, developed by way of ASOBIMO, Inc. (worldwide patent is presently pending: PCT / JP2018 / 16657). in this platform you can exchange virtual content material cloth used which includes game gadgets, software program software, e-books, song, motion pictures and e-tickets, or buy new content collectively together with your ABX.

The venture of this business enterprise is the improvement of its personal platform, in which it is going to be possible to purchase or sell any products. The above platform can be known as the Asobi market.

I can't say that such systems are innovation, in reality there are already loads of them, but they all have a drawback that nullifies their usefulness and productivity. First, such structures will now not provide the right to personal users after the acquisition, secondly, if the platform closes, the purchaser will in no way be capable of use the purchased product once more. unpleasant, isn't it?

Asobi market managed to clear up this trouble and provide all customers the right to own content, that is, the person owns the license, while defensive it with the DSS machine and all transactions might be secured.


  • ASOBI marketplace makes customers the residence owners of licenses (full possession), bonded through decentralized security gadget. A comfortable secondary virtual content exchange with ABX tokens is additionally created achievable at the platform.
  • The platform bridges the gap among the centralized and decentralized global. users should purchase and sell varied virtual contents certainly and request that the oversubscribed amount be automatically transferred to their ASOBI notecase as ASOBI coin.
  • getting and changing contents takes place on
    the Ethereum blockchain leading to a comfy and quality dealings.
  • DRM and content material streaming show up off-chain.
    Publishers can get satisfaction from elevated market transparency and trustworthy distribution of revenue shares.
  • Asobimo created DApps platform so virtual content on the secondary markets is a valuable plus for all events.
  • The platform offers a secured mercantilism expertise at a least charge and at the same time as no longer friction.
  • The DApps created with the aid of Asobimo provides a disbursed secondary content material platform with “Decentralized protection machine” (DSS).
  • This blockchain generation provides positive evidence of content possession for publishers.

benefits of the ASOBI COIN project

the main benefits of this ICO are:
A truly existing, rich recreation improvement company.
The already released platform for mercantilism in Naga digital vice things.
A critical group. by using the manner, the top of the group is that the president of Asobimo Katsunori Kondo, that conjointly speaks regarding the intense intentions of this ICO.
The implementation of the token now not only for destiny ICO comes, but conjointly for current games of the corporate.
ASOBI COIN has severe partners: ethermon, axie eternity, buiguild.
Advisers within the man or woman of The Naga cluster. This employer has already carried out a prosperous ICO, that raised fifty,000,000 USD. some advisors from Japan, as a consequence those names rectangular measure not likely to mention something to united statesA., but some of them rectangular degree founders of large jap enterprises (I won't paint some thing, sincerely cross-check the maximum page of the website).

ICO and Token information :

Token: ABX

Platform: Ethereum

Token Price: 0.01 USD

Token for sale: 8,250,000,000 ABX (50%)

Token supply: 16,500,000,000 ABX

Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD

Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH

Restricted countries: China, United States of America


permit's spotlight the functions of this mission: -global, the task is complete, seeing that it's miles directly related with the net video games industry, and as a long way as we don't forget, this enterprise is growing at an great pace-a
equipped product, Asobimo has been developing video games for over 15 years, has a big variety of downloads and excellent revel in-
licensing, the customer receives a certificate for the products after buy, and may pick to buy the product from the manufacturer or at a inexpensive fee from different users.

References to the official resources of the project:

Official site of ASOBI COIN:
Official Telegram:
White paper of the project:
Official website of Asobimo:

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