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Alive Casino is that the 1st ever casino cryptocurrency that gives RV diversion, your likelihood currently for review review see reviews for review additional summary beginning exclusive personal sales can shortly be opened.
Alive Casino is selected as a business concern or additionally serves the singer to stay everything away. First, Casino Singer solely positive, Business, however pay and live a dynamic community. The Life or Endeavor team, as its mission, creates an alternate game for a secure and growing life.
Alive Casino may be a platform wherever there area unit many sorts of gambling games, with support for video game technology. The project offers a novel diversion expertise which will be able to interest individuals, because it are a few things new within the industry.
Virtual reality technology is currently actively developing, additional and additional individuals area unit shopping for helmets to dive into the digital worlds. For the happy homeowners of glasses or helmets VR Alive Casino offers Associate in Nursing unexampled sort of diversion, once the player are often in an exceedingly virtual casino with all its charms within the company of different players, that is, digital avatars, whereas he are often reception or anyplace he needs. Gradually, what was shown in Steven Spielberg's film "Ready Player One" begins to return true. Alive Casino is that the 1st casino with cryptocurrency support with totally integrated VR technology, wherever everybody will play loads of on-line gambling games, and due to the intrinsic software system, the Alive player will relish different games in high resolution. within the put in VR Casino are going to be a full 360-degree review, which can permit you to look at interactive tables, slots, move with the dealer, spin the reels, hold cards, throw dice and then on. If the user doesn't have a VR telephone receiver then there's no drawback. He will play a bunch of different gambling games victimisation cryptocurrency.


The means within which we tend to gamble is often evolving. In several countries too, the legislation is evolving to pave the means for additional liberty and adaptability with gambling laws. this is often ideal for the Alive Play Casino platform.

The project can mix all the positive parts related to blockchain technology and decentralization that embody immensely improved security and a transparency that evokes each creators and therefore the user base.

As well as transportation the foremost spectacular technical school parts along to facilitate a next level user expertise, the platform will offer advantages for its investors. they'll be entitled as token holders, to a four-hundredth share within the revenue of the platform because it grows.

The team area unit targeting the tip of 2018 for his or her most valuable player and launch of the platforms secure wallets. the most platform itself are going to be tested prepared for launch in 2019 similarly because the listing of the native token on major exchanges.

Casino Alive team same they're committed to ever-changing the means individuals read ICO casinos and on-line gambling normally. The world's 1st blockchain-VR VR casinos additionally integrate the tradition of on-line diversion, finally transportation transparency and answerability to the planet of on-line casinos.

The key to Alive's openness lies within the integration of blockchain, effective media, social media and-perhaps most importantly-your business structure, continent within the spotlight. the event of the casino can at the start be supported by the sale of a security token - the Alive token - distributed within the approaching ICO.

What area unit the benefits of the new system?

The new platform has such advantages:

It is engineered on the principles of strength and security.
Owners owning internal tokens of the corporate will use numerous discounts and shares from the casino.
Alive Casino may be a community, not simply a business! that's, you'll speak with like individuals, realize friends and friends from the gambling business.
She encompasses a clear and straightforward interface - that's, even a novice and inexperienced user can perceive.

Token Details

PRE SALE: 1 AUG 2018 - 20 OCT 2018
PUBLIC SALE: 1 NOV 2018 - 1 DEC 2018
SOFT CAP: 10,000,000 USD
HARD CAP: 30,000,000 USD

TOTAL TOKENS: 1,000,000,000

ICO details
The Alive Casino is the world’s first decentralized casino to offer a virtual reality gambling experience.
Pre Sale
Starts 2018-08-01
Ends 2018-10-20
Token Sale
Starts 2018-11-01
Ends 2018-12-01
Token Sale 70%
Team 15%
Research & Development 5%
Initial bankroll of the casino 4%
Bounty campaign3%
Initial operating costs & expenses 3%
Use of Proceeds
Product Development33%
Marketing 30%
R&D 20%
Business Partnerships 7%
Team Building & Retention 6%
ICO Expenses 4%

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