What is ADAB?

ADAB is the first currency exchange that works according to Sharia rules. ADAP Markets understands the importance of religious beliefs needed by customers. To comply with the No Riba policy, ADAB is committed to offering trade in accordance with Islamic law. This allows all ADAP clients with Islamic beliefs to trade in usury-free environments. In addition, in our efforts to provide all traders with fair and ethical trading conditions, there is no exchange of crypto currencies,

those who add accordance with shariah and applicable Moslem norms. No cryptocurrency platform is established in accordance with Moslem norms, ADAB is accessible to Muslim listeners worldwide for the crypto market, and real comes will solely be studied in accordance with Islamic law.

The cryptocurrency market requires new values and new ethical standards from corporate governance. Sharia principles can function as standards and high honesty and security. Adab Solutions allows cryptocurrency transactions to be carried out in accordance with Islamic principles based on Sharia standards

ADAB is a solution for all Muslims throughout the world, technological development cannot be avoided. Muslims have an important role in this matter. In the chain block technology center and also remove honesty and transparency — features that the modern world is indispensable, but unfortunately the rapid development of this industry causes the market paradox cryptocurrency a large number of cryptocurrency fraudsters is an area of investment arousing interest, but many contradictions in the market and the position of Islamic community uncertainty in This market leads to full use of the crypto currency market. through ADAB Muslim Muslims feel to solve this problem.

We have created exchanges where only cryptocurrency and tokens that are in accordance with Islamic norms will be mentioned. Our users really don’t need to worry about approving transactions, but many contradictions in this market and the insecure position of the Islamic community in this market leads to full exploitation of the crypto currency market. through ADAB Muslim Muslims feel to solve this problem. We have created exchanges where only cryptocurrency and tokens that are in accordance with Islamic norms will be mentioned. Our users really don’t need to worry about transaction permissions.

ADAB's solution will allow Islamic experts to evaluate compliance with Shariah norms. ADAB's solutions host the Shariah Advisory Board on the First Islamic Crypto Exchange. The ADAB solution is to create a platform for halal projects, to work in full compliance with Islamic norms and Islamic finance. Our job is to help Muslims and the cryptic investor community understand what is in the cryptographic market to comply with Shariah rules and what does not.

The ADAB solution starts from the fact that the project will generally benefit the market, as halal projects in essence have utility and value, and their definitions will contribute to the development of useful ideas and declines in the number of projects on the market. is illegal in its core.

We solve the issues of the Muslim community, such as:

The ADAB answer can solve the matter of halal cryptocurrency operations
ADAB solutions will solve the major risk issues of the cryptocurrency system
The ADAB solution will solve the problem of building Islamic cryptocurrency infrastructure
No crypto exchange, functioning according to the Sharia norms
The lack of a united Muslim community's position on cryptocurrency
The uncertainty of Muslims regarding acceptability works with cryptography
From the acquisition of existing crypto exchanges, zakat is not paid.
Cryptocurrency market problems:
Except Muslims in the cryptocurrency market
Lack of community trust in key cryptococcal tools
Lack of new markets and investors

Project Design and Safety

The project is built on the highest security standards and unique technical software solutions combined with safe and reliable jurisdictions.

The future prospect of ADAB innovations

The organization's image would be large in the general public.
Primary Islamic cryptography will completely prohibit the possibility of a theoretical exchange, regional exchange and tasks that do not belong to the Sharia. This will avoid Gharar, Maisir and Ribu from processed trade.
The ADAB procedure will complete and conduct an Islamic assessment of the master in agreement with Sharia law.
The level of wages received from a classified store in ordinary budget organizations, and different interests with enthusiasm do not exceed the level established by the SAC.

Details of ICO

ADAB sign name
Total number of tokens — 500,000,000
The token price is 0.1 USD
Payment method — BTC, ETH
Soft Cap — 2,500,000 $
Hard Cap -17.290.000 $
Start — 25.07.2018 years
Finally on 15.11.2018
Minimum sales volume — 1000 ADAB

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