Randowhale is now an ACTIVE WITNESS/DELEGATE! - Witness Application (English)

Yes you have read it correctly! @randowhale now has an active witness running.

We have decided to do this as we truly believe that Golos/voice is a great platform
and think that it has the potential to boom just like it's older brother Steemit if not better!

Once we have been running for a while we will also be setting up a node so that we can better thegolos/voice platform.

Voting for @randowhale as witness will not only help you guys but it will help us.

As I am sure most of you have seen that we do indeed intend to set up a pay for vote bot.
All of the earnings will be powered up giving yours posts a boost

Server Stats

2 cores
100 GB HDD
1gbit/s network
Germany VPS

Please do consider voting @randowhale as witness!

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