Is Randowhale coming to Golos?

To keep this post short I will cut straight to the point. Is @randowhale coming to golos?

Short answer.... YES!

Long answer.

Before @randowhale can start voting we need to wait for the HF to activate.Without delegation we simply cannot gain enough Golos power as it would simply not be profitable for investors to well... invest.
In the time leading up to the HF we will continue to power up the account in small amounts.


1.We have had some people send Golos/GBG in return for a vote. Please do NOT send anymore funds to @randowhale at this time as the bot is not currently active any funds sent from the time of this post will not be returned.

2.We are looking for Investors to delegate Golos power once the hardfork has been activated! To be eligible you must hold 30k+ golos power. If you meet the requirement and want to be considered for the @randowhale project leave your username as a comment and we will contact you soon.

3.Some people have been asking if we are the same people that run @randowhale on steemit.The answer is no, but if by any chance the owners of the bot on steemit are reading this I am open to offers.

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18.09.2017 20:21

cool, great news)

18.09.2017 20:45

Great news! Repost...
Welcome @randowhale!
Wait for HF)

19.09.2017 02:06

Can we ask you? Why randowhale? Why not any other name?

19.09.2017 02:34

We decided to use the name Randowhale as we seen that it was still available.Another point is that it is clearly already a popular name as you managed to find the account and make a post when we were only voting! Why would we not use it? So many people know it. If you or anyone else has more questions just leave a comment!

19.09.2017 09:23

How much is an upvote gonna cost?

19.09.2017 14:50

That will depend on how much our vote will be worth.

19.09.2017 14:56


19.09.2017 15:01


19.09.2017 13:20

Hi. Yes, a lot of people you know well Steemit . At Golos are valued not only for commercial relations. If not forget about it, respect is assured. Good luck!

19.09.2017 17:07