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Invech was founded by Invech Group, this is a Blockchain technology-based exchange platform located in East Timor, the head office in Hong Kong. This platform is directly licensed by the East Timorese government, this license covers the entire framework of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, including cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO, mining mining, blockchain solutions, etc. This is also the first blockchain / cryptocurrency service out of Timor Leste.
Invech is a new platform that offers crypto coin exchange through a holistic approach and is supported by modern features that will differentiate with similar platforms. The service features implemented are as follows:

  1. Provide appropriate orders between buyers and sellers with the best prices available
  2. Supports multiple currency wallets, allowing the application of several different cryptocurrency centrally and easily. All cryptocurrency will be automatically secured through multi-signature cold storage that allows security and prevents external access.
  3. Complete order book that provides the liquidity needed to instantly buy and sell crypto currencies with tight spreads.
  4. All cryptocurrency funds will be managed automatically by our integrated wallet software. All funds include cryptocurrency and fiat (which will be applied accordingly)
  5. Invech will support but not be limited to English, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean in all our user interfaces. (The earliest releases will only be in English, Chinese, and Indonesian, Portuguese.) More languages will be added over time.
  6. nvech will also implement FIAT - Crypto installation and withdrawal in the near future and exchange for USD, HKD and IDR.

Through its vision, Invech will improve life through blockchain and technology to create a stable and growing digital economy. This is implemented through the platform mission as follows:

  • To introduce alternative currencies through the creation of Invech Tokens.
  • Bringing foreign direct investment & reducing unemployment.
  • Manage crowdfunding through a controlled process.
  • To fully give tokens to tourism and agriculture in Timor Leste.
  • Increase human capital and the capabilities of the local population of Timor Leste.
  • To provide advice and consultation to the government regarding blockchain and technology issues.
  • To provide education and training to improve livelihoods.

Platform Security
Security is the platform's top priority. for crypto coin exchanges, this platform is protected by Crypto Currency Security Standard (CCSS) to protect Invech and all its users. CCSS is an industry standard for exchanges and large companies with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management (ISMS) System. To facilitate the exchange of traders / users, this platform will provide cross platform trading clients to:
• Web-based trading clients
• Original Android client
• iOS native clients (pending App Store reviews)
• HTML5 cellular client (including WeChat H5 clients)
• PC native client (Windows)

Invech Token
The Invech Token was created to run on the Blockchain-Ethereum ERC-20 network. The Invech Token is an IV symbol, this is the basic token used by Invech on all of its projects. For starters, this can be used as a platform token for the Invech Crypto Currency Exchange, and is then used on all Invech-licensed businesses. 500,000,000 IV token units have been made on the ERC20 platform, and the number will never increase or decrease. IV will run natively on the ERC20 standard Ethereum platform.
Token IV is a utility token that the user must have to get all the services offered by the platform. The token launch is underway in the Initial Exchange Offers (IEO) on the page You can visit the website page and make a purchase of tokens using crypto coins owned.
For information updates, visit the general Invech link below.
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