File.Fm is a digital file library platform based on Blockchain technology that will connect technology and best practices from a centralized and decentralized world. Through this platform, users can easily search, access, and share useful content online with the right copyright. Files.Fm uses P2P networks that are supported by the community. Through this network, users can do a number of things that are very useful, and these facilities do not exist on other platforms.

  1. Allows Internet users to access free and paid content that is useful in an easy and legal way
  2. Availability of author prizes for their work
  3. Allows community members to receive remuneration for doing work that is useful for storing digital inheritance for internet users now and in the future
    In addition, there are a lot of benefits that users will get if they join the Files.Fm platform. Here are some of the advantages of the File.Fm platform:
  4. For the development of File.Fm, this platform will use the technical base of the cloud storage platform system, which was created in 2008 and continues to increase until now. With the cloud system, it has implemented centralized storage, sharing, sales, publishing and distribution of files.
  5. Flatform Files. FM already has a beta version which functions to share P2P files and video streaming. The platform will expand the existing system to create File.Fm by increasing P2P sharing, adding advanced content analysis, search and blockchain.
  6. The library will be created by combining technology and best practices from a centralized and decentralized world.
  7. The library uses the freemium business model: service bases will be available for free, while special premium features and services will be available at a cost. The business model of this platform depends on advertising revenue, and users monetize their copyrighted files. Users will use the cryptocurrency platform symbolized by FFM, this is a token for exchanging values in the system platform.
    FFM is a token platform Ethereum. The FFM token will be used as the original currency by the platform user to pay for special services and will be provided for useful work in the system platform. FFM tokens are utility tokens, which are issued in fixed supply with annual inflation, based on useful work carried out by the community.
    The total supply of original FFM tokens will be equal to 10 billion, and this platform has released tokens along with the growth of platforms, content and community. Individuals or organizations can join in selling FFM tokens at

The Files.Fm library is very unique, offering great facilities compared to similar platforms. This platform uses Blockchain technology with the support of a P2P network system that is paid for its users. in addition, to facilitate its users, the platform has developed web and cellular applications that will be supported by FFM community tokens.

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