simplyBrand aims to establish a platform with built-in AI model and machine learning technology to identify counterfeits. Crowd-sourced participants will be incentivized to assist in verifying the unidentifiable items throughout the whole process. The information of the counterfeiters will then be published on the blockchain, which is immutable and totally public for everybody to read. In addition, two major functions will be released along the way and will result in more parties joining the platform to complete the goal of evolving the platform into a self-governed ecosystem. By combining these cutting-edge technologies, and also designing mechanisms to govern the platform by itself, our solution would be able to solve this problem at a larger scale and high effectiveness.
12.11.2018 - 06.01.2019

Campaign Budget
20M SBA.
Budget allocation
Telegram: 15%, Twitter: 20%, Youtube: 10%, Facebook: 10%, Reddit: 10%, Translation: 5%, Signature: 5%, Media/Blog: 25%.
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