Nexybit Exchange

The Nexybit Exchange rewards users, via mining, with Exchange Tokens (NXY/NXZ). Nexybit “Points” reward you for accomplishing exchange-specific tasks and social campaigns. You can accrue points by: sharing posts on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter, posting on Reddit, joining the chatroom, verifying KYC (coming soon), and conducting trade-mining (coming soon). Users who have the most Points, at the end of the month will receive increasing valuable rewards.
12.03.2019 - 15.06.2019
Campaign Budget
800k LBXC + 3.2M RFR - 600k USD.
Budget allocation
Referral: 20%, Facebook: 20%, Twitter: 20%, Telegram: 15%, Reddit: 10%, Signature: 5%, Android App: 5%, iOS App: 5%.
Bounty manager
delcastillo1 (;u=971062)
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