DMST Token will be utilized on the Decentralized Mindset Institute Platform for Online classes. DMST Token is ERMC-20 token built on the (POS) Token Standard. The (POS) token standard is the first Proof of Stake algorithm designed for ERC tokens. While companies like Udimi use 3rd party payment systems to settle transactions The DMST token and Platform has designed a peer to peer payment transaction system using the Blockchain technology for Online course providers & students. Our aim is to integrate all online courses, students, course providers & learning institutions into a unified blockchain ecosystem which will make business payments more efficient Faster, cost effective, anonymous, hacker proof, transparent & Reliable.
15.01.2019 - 25.05.2019

Campaign Budget
Budget allocation
Youtube: 10%, Twitter: 30%, Facebook: 30%, Translation: 10%, Media/Blog: 10%, Beta Registration: 10%.
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bubbalex (;u=1775670)
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