Scavo technologies is an innovative blockchain company established in Argentina specialized in the construction of data center infrastructure for crypto-mining using renewable resources. It offers an intelligent, scalable, environmentally friendly solution with the ability to maximize energy resources with zero carbon footprint, natural and self-sufficient.
SCAVO Technologies is based on the commercial model of the SCAVO Token. Each SCAVO Token acquired by our investor represents the right to receive profits from everything produced by the mining farm for life (as long as it is the Token holder), understood as the period during which the profits exceed the operating cost necessary to maintain in operation the farm.
The technology developed by SCAVO Technologies and third parties will be used to build self-sustaining and scalable mining centers using renewable resources for power generation.
SCAVO Technologies will finance the construction of the entire system that makes up the mining center through crowdfunding by distributing the SCAVO Tokens, during the Initial Coin Offer (ICO).
At SCAVO Technologies, we firmly believe that investments in crypto sustainable mining are the most profitable option for long-term profits and that is why our proposal is to strengthen the link with investors through clear rules.
SCAVO Technologies, besides of providing an intelligent solution to the problem of the generation and consumption of energy of the crypto mining farm, by reducing the cost of energy to its maximum expression, we make participation in the business more accessible and easier for anyone wordlwide, regardless of their knowledge and wealth.
Our commitment to the SCAVO Community is such that it allows active participation in making important decisions that may affect the company, through the use of smart contract voting.
At SCAVO Technologies we have three simple principles we always follow. The work must be done as a team. The implementation of the solution must be easy to understand. The solutions must be accessible by the general public.
Using these three principles as a guide, we believe that even with the increasing difficulty of mining in general, regardless of the crypto currency to be mined, we can develop a profitable investment program for the market through the creation of mutually beneficial projects that are accessible to the general public, easy to understand and based on cutting-edge technology.
To reach the objectives proposed in our development, it was imperative to work on the concept of "Industry 4.0"; this is to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and automation of the possible processes for decision making. The guidelines that guide our proposal contemplate access to clean energy and at a very low cost, the use of industrial grade components for the manufacture and assembly of the different units that make up the crypto mining complex, energy efficiency and the necessary robustness to carry out the crypto mining process in the long term.
This has allowed us to offer an intelligent solution to the problem of access to energy at competitive costs and thus contribute to the principle of decentralization as well as ease access to the use of technology to the general public.
We comprehend that advancement all through the present framework is something key, important and basic for digital forms of money and their innovation to be acknowledged hugely. Because of this, it was important to adjust the improvement of the distinctive parts that make up the Crypto mining complex to the idea of "Industry 4.0".
At SCAVO Technologies we have created distinctive programming/equipment parts that robotize a few procedures of the crypto mining complex. These parts give fundamental data progressively to the organization's figuring place for basic leadership, while these procedures are encouraged back with their own particular and outside data that will advance and help foresee certain conduct later on more precisely.
This could be accomplished utilizing complex innovative procedures and mechanical review innovation.
The way toward procuring specific hardware for crypto mining isn't something straightforward because of the developing interest in this last time and in numerous events getting to it includes consulting with various mediators that end up influencing the buy to process more costly and also all the coordinations that infers a buy on a substantial scale.
2To have the capacity to have a superior arranging position in the diverse interceding forms, SCAVO Technologies is enlisted in the shipper/exporter registry of Argentina. This made it conceivable to get to the essential equipment (ASICs, GPUs, PCBs, and so forth.) specifically and without middle people, lessening costs. We have concurrences with various worldwide transport organizations at focused discount rates.
Accomplishing vitality self-manageability was a key point of reference in the advancement procedure of the venture itself as it will permit the improvement of the organization's distinctive working models without being fixing to conventional vitality costs and to vitality advertise changes or strategies of vitality. The utilization of sustainable power sources for the age of power, permits to build up this environment in various parts of the existence where vitality cost is contrary with the market of crypto mining.
Accomplishing vitality self-maintainability in a most extreme time of a year will lessen the cost of vitality per KWh from USD 0.12-0.15 to values between USD 0.01 to 0.05 and a base expected helpful existence of 10 years.
Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish a huge scale Crypto mining framework, versatility was a state of solid thought. For this, all the plan and development rules of the distinctive parts take into account more noteworthy seclusion. Squares were planned (at the subsystem level) standardizedly that permits the trade between any of them. In the meantime, being a secluded procedure, they are imagined to have the capacity to assemble diverse courses of action to include or evacuate limit in a for all intents and purposes boundless route (subject to the arrangement space of the complex).
For instance, the interconnection of vitality permits a level and vertical combination of the same having the capacity to be associated with other adjoining vitality frameworks and be interconnected to the customary vitality framework all the while.



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