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MeVu .Wager ("meVu") is a game software peer-to-peer, decentralized, which will allow players to control and compete individually or in video games that collect. MiVu enables players to make social bets, including but not limited to: European Football, America, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, MMA and Boxing. MeVu innovates online creating space with flexibility, among gamers, making their abilities and knowledge of different people, not face to face in casinos or booklets.

Centralized operations are often the sufferers because they can store large amounts of data or sensitive statistics that describe the purpose of malicious programs. By integrating all the essential features in a smart network, I use the Ethereum network, which makes unconventional hacking unworthy. In addition, old central airports have expensive licenses; However, it can still send a response from a body that it can obtain from its closed clients. It's not a problem for me, because it's basically impossible for Ethereum authority.

The Ethereum blockchain era provides for the implementation of "smart contracts", code that runs on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This era can be used to perform calculations and transactions that allow self-sufficiency, accepted as a payment system without proper payments, although fast, relaxed and completely transparent.

The corresponding final result on the supported event where two bettors refuse the result will be verified by Oracle. Oracles are people who save MVU tokens, first obtained from ITO and report results for alternate to eater. Payments will be made to the participants based on the player's report and the Oracle authentication. Inaccurate reporting will lead to the missing Oracle MVU Tokens already in the consensus, eliminating the removal of fraudulent results.

The highest demographics sought for online gambling and gambling is 18-34. "Officials standard sports are a man who lives 30-12 months living in the city, the family gets $ 74,000 a year. Among the heavy bettors, 6% have an annual income of $ 150,000 or more, twice as nonbettors in popular society making such a coin. "14 Ann Vollano, Assistant Athletics Director at the University of Michigan, who co-authored a test of athletics students in 1999 and found that the new era continues to make betting more practical and appropriate. The technology is very useful from this generation is a younger man 21-29 years old. "The younger man has extra intelligence, and easier for them to gamble now," said Vollano. "They are also bigger to risk." Moral Ketidakjalan in making a commitment is also faded, the study found almost-All people in the 20s agree with the sport that is a reputation for entertainment and "non-specific" to the price tag, even forty-one% saw internet sports betting as a "riskless perfect". 14 sellers take advantage of internet growth - use population and adoption of mobile devices to develop progresif.Bermain on the Internet, all the elements that pull out of your phone can offer the user of their home Relaxation. To study games can embarrass new players and make them reluctant to gamble completely. With online games that can be removed and played at any time, they do not understand the policy yet. An additional benefit to online gaming is its resilience to the economic downturn. In case of online recession, other than users like stones and mortar. In a time frame of a vulnerable financial system, 78% of sports players say they expand their commitments.14 Players see online games as a form of time with cash from home. This debt owes about forty percent of the generation worldwide. Market research analyst Technavio predicts global sports activities that have a bond market will grow at CAGR over four percent of all duration 2016-2020 Duration. Global Gambling Equivalent to $ 40 million of Gross Game (GGY) in 2013 (an increase of 4.4% from $ 38.32 billion in 2012) and is expected to reach $ 50 billion by 2017.

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Blockchain improves challenges and security

Quick and computerized accounts with low historical value
Eliminate the gouging of the third birthday party
Reduce regulatory disturbance
Global leaderships encourage competition


"The American Gaming Association estimates that $ 4 of the value is spent annually and 99 votes are illegal"

There are many operational prices, licensing and advance costs in the start of a sports book. The cost of high demand for the price and must also be folded with the 3rd capability. These companies have a very personal time and are ready to win. In addition, due to legal punishments, personal issues and facts, players and operations, it is responsible for disarming them. From this association, "The American Gaming Association estimates that $ four dimensions are spent annually and 99 percent are illegal." - Bobby Skoff

MEVU uses contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to store and withhold dollars and facts and provide confidence that they will be implemented accordingly and quickly. MEVU make a bet to the laugh, encouraging game enthusiasts through corresponding players in containers for each other than a seamless bandar. Players can manipulate their personal opportunities, and recommend virtually anything. By reducing the cost of traditional sports books and third parties, MEVU offers gamers a historically low 2% rate.


To simplify decentralized programs, wise contracts, MEVU, we use MVU token to create visitors robotics. The MVU token (MVU) is the essential phase of the MEVU monetary system and ecosystem. An important feature of the MVU token is imagery to tighten perseverance in order to transform players into the Oracle and report activities. As the oracle reaches consensus, they receive the supplier level of the relevant guess.

Meet oracle providers
From one-of-a-kind gamers door switches
Claim a reward and calculate a reward
Patenting and claim tokens in the only game
Send ETH to MVU make an agreement on the ITO line.

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