Neironix is the first independent international rating agency for assessing investment risks in the block economy, where project ratings are automatically assigned based on the results of mathematical scoring, neural networks, and multidimensional analysis of a large amount of data.The platform is designed to analyze and subsequently manage the risks of investments in projects with a high degree of uncertainty.

The Neironix rating methodology is based on the principles of the international risk management standard ISO31000: 2018 (E) and applies similar approaches to risk assessment for professional investors and institutional funds from the classical economy. On Today the ISO31000: 2018 (E) standard is adapted in 88 countries with the highest GDP level and is a guide to risk management, including proposing options for influencing risk at different stages of its impact:
Neironix mission is to become a global provider of financial and analytical information about cryptocurrency markets, required for making carefully weighted investment decisions and building long-term market strategies.

Protect Neironix, as a global aggregator of financial analytics for cryptocurrency markets, it allows accumulation and classification of the aggregate information into risk factors, which are interpreted for the subsequent use of scoring for ICO and blockchain projects.

The advantage makes Neironix stand out.

Historical record
Information transparency
Neironix as end product
Team uniqueness
Neironix develops standards of cryptocurrency market
Time advance
Online data analysis
Online tracking
Neironix ecosystem includes:

Neironix uses a set of tools - flows of content and information necessary to select ICO projects for investment. Neironix’s objects are private and professional investors as well as ICO projects.

Neironix for private investors

Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Monitoring and notifications about changes in a specific ICO project rating;
Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Analytics for financial markets;
Access to the system of adjusted notifications dealing with monitoring of financial analytics
Neironix for professional investors

Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Dynamic tracking of risk factors and degree of their impact on the resulting rating;
Flexible system of monitoring and notifications about deviations from acceptable risk levels with regards to a specific ICO project;
Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
Structured analysis of capital for each ICO project at the stages of Token Sale;
Structured analysis of major token holders for each implemented ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
Monitoring of probable Pump and Dump for each implemented ICO project;
Monitoring of calendars for planned and actual token listing;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Indices and multipliers;
Historical data and analytics for financial markets;
Market reviews and analytics;
Analytics for traditional and social media;
Structured data for preparation of professional judgments
Neironix for ICO

Project management at all stages of the project’s lifecycle;
Comparison with other ICO projects, similar in terms of functionality, implementation and idea;
Full checklist for ICO preparation;
ICO scoring;
KYC verification of project stakeholders;
ICO blogging on the Neironix platform;
Publication of press releases, reports and project news;
Analytics for token bidding, notifications about flow of funds for major token holders;
Analytics for advertisement sources, automatic selection of sites for placement.
ICO Details

General information

Token: NRX

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 140,000,000 NRX

Price: 0,001061571 ETH

Payment: ETH, BTC

Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 31,000,000 USD


Quantity: 93,100,000 NRX

Start: 9/1/2018

Completion: 11/30/2018

NRX utility token is used in the NEIRONIX ecosystem as a payment medium – the project’s internal currency is required for purchasing each and every service of advertising and informational nature.

The list of these services includes :

1.Premium listing.
2.Banner and teaser advertising.
3.Publication of press releases and announcements.
4.Direct emailing.
6.Targeted advertising.
7.Other services.


NRX is a utility token that offers the right of placing advertising and informational services at the price set before at the stage of Token Sale procedure.

NRX token is a liquid asset from the very first day of its emission.

We will ensure the stable rise in value of NRX token with the help of the following factors:

Growth in demand for Neironix platform services.
Token buyback.
Deflation, burning away 100% of tokens accepted as payment in the conditions of limited emission.

Q2 2017
Origin of the idea of ​​the project

Q3 2017
Formation of the idea of ​​the project. Market analysis, project development prospects, goals and mission of the project, financial model of the project; Development of a methodology for defining and managing investment risks in ICO and block projects; Drawing up the first version of the risk tree and scoring matrices.

Q4 2017
Consultations with qualified and institutional investors; Design of the main product modules and design of databases; Preparation of the first version of the White Paper project.

Q1 2018
Legal architecture; Approval of the stages of the project, functional, evaluation of resources; Development of automated algorithms for ICO project analysis; Integration with sources of necessary analytics; Involvement of the first venture investments in the project; Launch MVP with ICO listing; Connecting the first exchanges and funds to the project; Alpha testing of scoring matrices and mechanisms for building ratings; Identification of risk factors and the accumulation of historical data; Continuous monitoring of identified risk factors, analysis and identification of statistical dependencies.

Q2 2018
Development of marketing strategy; Development of a Smart Contract; Implementation of the legal structure of the project; Development of a private office ICO; Connecting the necessary data sources, aggregation and accumulation; Development and implementation of OLTP-architecture, interpretation and analysis of accumulated data.

Q3 2018
Conducting Pre Sale; Updating the data, checking the history; Aggregation and accumulation of historical data; Launch a mobile application on iOS and Android; Development of the concept of aggregation of data on financial markets; Development and implementation of OLTP-architecture, interpretation and analysis of accumulated data; Launch of the module “Multifactor scoring of ICO-projects”, assignment of the first ratings; Testing of the logical-mathematical and process cluster of the system.

Q4 2018
Token Sale; Scaling competencies, HR; Running a financial model; International project localization; Conclusion of agreements with data providers and exchanges; Running affiliate programs.

Q1 2019
Listing on stock exchanges; Updating the data; Launch the module “News and financial information.”

Q2 2019
Scaling of the project geography (opening of representative offices: USA, South Korea, Japan); Expansion of the product line.

Q3 2019
Scaling of the project geography (opening of representative offices: South Korea, Japan).


Founder, CTO The founder of digital-agency Gold Carrot. Experience in the digital sphere – more than 7 years. There are more than 200 projects in agency portfolio. The creator of a platform for project management. The creator of exchange contacts project

Founder, CEO

Eduard Khudyakov
Co-founder, One of the founders of Neironix. Have 18 years of experience in the banking sphere, 12 of which are at the leading positions of the federal banks. Great experience in attraction of investments and classic business lending.

Denis Ahmitzhanov

CMO, My experience in digital marketing exceeds 4 years. My major professional competencies include project management, team leadership, task setting with a focus on the high performance of marketing campaigns and maintaining the defined timelines.

Andrey Demianenko
Risk management, I’ve got many skills in risk and financial consulting, blockchain expenses, project management. besize it i got a successful graduation in risk management and got a certificate “advanced trainer” from g31000. Insurance, regional director risk-manager, certificate g31000 at

Sergey Sevantsyan
International Pubic Keynote Speaker & Investment Relations 25+ years experience in ICT, Public International Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, CITO, Social Engineer, Business Adviser, ICO Project Manager for Crypto-funds

Sergey Zinchenko
Blockchain analyst

Specialist on public relations

Project manager

Project manager
Frontend developer

Backend developer

Backend developer


President Finam Supervisory director Racib

CEO Risk-Academy

Vice President of Acceleration Racib

CEO Bank Future

Entrepreneur, Strategist, ICO Advisor, Blockchain



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