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The development and adoption of cryptocurrency continues to increase on a global scale, with more than 1,500 cryptocurrency currently circulating in the market. The sharp increase in crypto asset ownership and opportunities for investors has caused a tremendous surge in market value, with the January 2018 market capitalization reaching US $ 700 billion. December 2017 witnessed the same unprecedented unprecedented cryptocurrency liquidity growth, with average daily trading volume exceeding US $ 50 billion, placing activity almost equivalent to the volume seen on the New York Stock Exchange. Despite this growth, the global cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages compared to online partners, FX trading, where daily trading volume reaches US $ 5 trillion (or around 100x higher). As well as, global equity market capitalization dwarfs crypto's market capitalization on the US $ 100 trillion market (around 140x higher than crypto marketcap). These two data points clearly signify the broader potential of the crypto market and specifically crypto exchanges.

The demand for cryptocurrency and its use continues to surge along with the emergence of innovative platforms and technologies that are cost-effective and disrupt the industry in various markets around the world. Because crypto exchange is the main entry point for crypto fans and retail clients alike and given that only a small percentage of all retail clients have entered the market, there is a need that increases substantially for cryptocurrency exchange services, the main media in which users can set value and monetize ownership crypto-assets.

Introducing IronX Exchange
IronX Exchange is exploring the possibility of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the world of crypto trading by addressing the challenges mentioned earlier with effectiveness and experience. IronX Exchange can, thus, facilitate the entry of new users into crypto trading by increasing the ease of entry with the right base, higher efficiency, and lower costs.

IronX Project Vision
The IronX Exchange aims to enable a safe and easy transition from the mass retail market to the crypto market. Utilizing existing regulatory and operational practices, processes, solutions and functions that operate in real companies, including, back-office, risk management, account management, and payment and banking solutions, Bursa BesiX will offer customer-focused and quality services .

The IronX Exchange will provide crypto investors who want to diversify their investments direct access to the low asset asset classes offered on the IronFX Group trading platform (such as spot FX, CFDs, stocks, futures, commodities, indices), including the ability to leverage higher leverage than usually when trading on the IronFX Group trading platform.
Key Feature
We intend to base the IronX Exchange platform on AlphaPoint technology. This will utilize the ground-up implementation to provide the next level solution to current industry problems. Based on the same high-quality architecture used by the main trading system, Bursa IronX will provide the following system features:
High-performance architecture to handle global scale industries
Accelerated performance; 1 million trades per second
Intuitive and easy to use interface
High quality data security and protection
Simple system management
Constant, top-of-the-line system performance
Error detection code on all records
Always active, dynamic database
Customer coverage and comprehensive service offerings
Fast failover support
Simple system management
System that is capable of HFT
Monitoring and warning
Smooth safe failed mode
Easy FIAT-to-CRYPTO purchasing capability
The benefits of using the IronX Exchange platform client will include, among others, the following:

Access to different cryptocurrency
24/7 supported by trade
Fixed transaction costs
Run the report
Fast deposits and withdrawals are accepted at CRYPTO and FIAT for all users
Trade audit
Automatic dissolution of the Daily Account Report or default configuration that recurs every day
report for newly registered users
The ability to place, edit, and cancel limit orders into the order book via the API
Matching Engine - slim design to order at a throughput of more than 1 million
transactions per second
Nine types of orders are supported including markets, limits and stops
Device Coverage
IronX exchange will offer the ability for clients to transact seamlessly across all common devices, including:

Android and iOS systems
Traditional online trading platform, eg MT4 and Webtrader
IRX Token
IRX is an exchange coin. This is the ERC-20 utility token that will function as the main coin that supports system usage. Users will have the freedom to choose between paying their expenses, like the cost of trading, the transaction currency, and, paid in tokens IRX. Fees paid in tokens IRX will bring a discount on the exchange in accordance with the table below, which gives incentives to traders who often use IRX for all costs and transactions.

Sales Token Details
Sales Token Schedule: 1 November - 15 December 2018

Token purchase: Ethereum

Price of Tokens: 1 IRX = $ 0.42

Bonus: 5% - 30%

Total Supply Tokens: 500,000,000 IRX

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