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Currently, the blockchain technology has moved to ‘proof of stake’ which is a step up from other currently ran but longer held technologies which run ‘proof of work’. A benefit to the new system is that there is less hash power needed and allows for block rewards to be assigned to token holders proportionately. This acts to significantly reduce the energy needed to mine, which makes it more economically efficient.

This type of innovation building on top of the last generation has allowed for ideas such as IonChain to not only come to fruition but retain a level of dominance in the industry due to being early movers in an industry which is still seeing exponential growth. The fact that major blockchains have a present problem in handling the high volume of transactions that they are seeing is proof of the need for more platforms to be created.

IonChain Vision and Features
his will allow IonChain to fill the gap that has been presented in the market and grow with the need of businesses globally. The distributable network increases IonChain’s abilities exponentially and will act to see the IONC integrated into common transactions. Blockchain challenges which IonChain will address is the ability to scale, security and decentralization while maintaining a fast-moving service.

Double-layer blockchain (ION CHAIN)
The ION CHAIN consists of lastic sharding at layer one and a base blockchain to confirm the blocks from the first layer.
ION CHAIN cross-shard transactions
Cross-shard transactions are fully supported
Super-full node
Multiple honest nodes can run as a super-full node
Double spending protection
At least 50% of hash power is allocated to the base blockchain (root) to prevent double spending attack
IonChain Token ( IONC Token )

IonChain will use the IONC token, which is digitally cryptographically secured and designed as the primary token for the network. IONC will issue in the beginning as ERC-20 standard compliant digital tokens on Ethereum, which will then be migrated to the IonChain blockchain. IONC tokens are the unit of exchange between IonChain participants, providing a secure payment method. IONC cannot be construed as a shareholding in IonChain or in any aspect of its affiliates, the overall enterprise of the IonChain undertaking.

Game and financial tech industries will be a key focus with the IONC token providing a solid and trustworthy exchange medium. IONC will therefore be a value carrier and transactional currency, with the ability to continuously grow as positive word of mouth spreads.

IONC Token Distribution

IonChain Roadmap

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