When we were in the jungle, we cared about our land. Now we live in society, and we care about the land. But, yesterday we cared about preserving it, so that it would benefit everyone, today we care about monetizing it, so that it would benefit someone. Real estate market is booming as the population is increasing. Due to the finite availability of the resources, it has become imperative to distribute it wisely. Many countries have tried to regulate the real estate market with proper checks and balances.

But that is not enough to make the industry sustainable for the long term. There are various challenges in the real estate market which needs urgent attention, such as lack of transparency in the payment, the presence of brokers and third parties, late possession of the apartments despite early payments, and absence of reliability in the growth of the overall market. The integrity and security of the real estate market are at stake as there are too many unwanted and fraud agents operating to fool customers. What do you think should be the solution for the industry? Can we develop an effective solution for the buyers and sellers?

Solution offered

IAT Ecosystem is ready to transfer people to a new world. It is presenting a new platform based on the blockchain technology for various utilities, such as rental payment, property investment, payment for various services, such as legal services, brokers, and insurance etc. They are targeting the developing markets such as the Philippines for their first project. They believe that tokenization of the real estate assets can be the game changer for the industry. Bringing blockchain technology to real estate will boost the investment opportunities of the real estate investors as it improves the transparency and reliability. Buyers can avail the facility of the cryptocurrency token launched by the platform for the various purposes, such as property purchase, real estate investment and rental payment.

They are focussing on the large sizes of properties and developing them to reduce the cost. Acquiring the bulk properties will also help in the forming a large asset pool for the company. Individual owners can also utilize the cryptocurrency token launched by the platform for their payment and transactions in the real estate market. The team believes that the real estate market is an untapped market, and the blockchain technology can help in the development of the market. Overall, the solutions offered by the platform are unique in their approach to solve the crisis in the real estate industry.


4,500,000,000 IA Tokens are created for the project. The token sale fund is utilized for the asset acquisition and development of the platform. The team working on the platform has years of experience in the real estate market and technology development.

Real estate market is an evergreen market. As long as people are on the planet, they need a place to live. Many developing countries are fighting with the problems of population explosion, urbanization, and inequality. It is the time now for the joint collaboration between the private and public organizations to solve these challenges with the help of technology. Rising income inequality poses a similar challenge in the real estate market.

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Whitepaper - https://iatokens.com/docs/IAT%20WHITEPAPER.pdf

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