Visitors on My Back Porch

This morning I found two unexpected visitors trying to make a home out my my back door's frame. This Yellow Garden Spider caught my attention first as I found it hanging out around shoulder level right outside.

This spider can be throughout North and Central America and are often seen in home gardens. Although this spider is poisonous, it's venom is not harmful to humans. They primarily feed on small flying bugs like flies.


Next I found this guy hanging out above the door. The frog appears to be green, but this is actually a Gray Tree Frog. This tree frog can change it's color from a green to a camoflauged gray pattern. We find them near the windows and door frames often.

The birds are starting their migration and we've been seeing more of them every day. Many of the small wild birds like to overwinter here where there is usually a mild winter and ample food sources.

Thanks for reading my short nature experience from my back porch this morning.

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02.10.2018 14:36