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Battle of Leningrad: The Battle of Leningrad is usually known as the Seize of Leningrad or Leningrad Blockade. This lengthy operation was undertaken by the German soldiers in the Eastern Front during Second World War. It was one of the longest and destructive seizes in history, which lasted for 872 days from 1941 to 1944. Leningrad was the former capital of the Russian Empire and also known as the symbolic capital of the Russian Revolution. The strategy was stimulated by its status. The Nazi military had encircled Leningrad from all sides. It was obvious that Hitler wanted to wipe out Leningrad to dust.   

Image credit The Seize of Leningrad

The Pearl Harbour: Pearl Harbour was the main US naval base in Hawaii. Without any formal declaration, the Japanese airforce molested Pearl Harbour early on 7th December, 1941, in which almost 19 ships were drowned, 188 planes were destroyed and 2400 people were killed. Immediately after the attack, the USA announced war on Japan and within days Japan’s allies Germany and Italy also declared war on the USA. The losses that happened at Pearl Harbour during the attack provided an added advantage to the Japanese sea-power. However, the important aircraft carriers were not damaged, because these were not in the harbor during the attack. 

Image credit Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Scientists in many countries were trying to develop nuclear and atomic power. But the USA first made it successfully during Second World War. Its code name was The Manhattan Project. The bomb was first tested in New Mexico in July, 1945. After it was exploded successfully in Mexico, next month the USA fell two atomic bombs in the two different cities of Japan. The first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima under the code name Little Boy, and second was dropped on Nagasaki under the code name Fat Man. These two bombs was powerful and thousands of times more destructive than any other ordinary bomb. Approximately 1, 00,000 citizens were killed directly in the bomb attack.  

Image credit Attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki


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