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  In the age of computer technology development and production of programs and applications still remains a "dark forest" for novice IT professionals and ordinary users.
Many creative young professionals are sure that if the program or application developed by them will come to the market, it becomes mega-popular. But they do not have much IT-experience for writing programs-do not know codes, programming languages, do not know where it is necessary to advertise it and how it is possible to earn on them - all these obstacles "have buried" many creative ideas.
But all these obstacles eliminates the new platform Sparkster
  Sparkster is an innovative cloud platform that allows users not only to create their own applications, but also provides "cloud" power to compute and store information, similar to data centers and large cloud Services. The innovative distinctive feature of Sparkster is the ability to create applications, programs and their design, interface without knowledge of codes, programming language, technical and design programs. When you create programs, you need a low level of technical literacy for your users. Sparkster allows the user to implement any of their plans in life without special technical and it education-it became possible thanks to the intuitive interface "drag-and-drop" and intuitive logical chain on Plain English. Focus on what you want to realize and the platform will transform your ideas into a running program in minutes. Sparkster provides a fast, cheap, simple and personalized way to build programs and applications.
  Sparkster – reduces the costs of customers of programs on IT professionals. It is no longer necessary to hire highly paid programmers and designers. When ordering the program it is necessary to pass the stages which have big financial and time expenses:

  • agreeing on what you want to get from the program
  • its parameters
  • waiting to develop its "crude version"
  • program Refinement
  • test mode time
      And only after that the receipt of the final product. For the manager every little thing is important and this little thing must be corrected, which accordingly spends the same time and money.
      But with Sparkster you can do it yourself, without knowledge of special codes, programming languages and algorithms. After all, only the customer (author) of the program knows better how this program should work, its algorithm, interface, what its result should be.

  Sparkster developers have developed an introductory training course with increasing complexity, making it easier to create the most complex programs and applications.
In order to creating really topical programs become popular, Sparkster plans to open Sparkster Market Place. This is the place where the creators of applications and programs will be able to sell their software products to other users in exchange for Spark tokens. Everyone who uses the program from Market Place will pay for its use by the creators of the program. This will throw to the market a lot of really useful and necessary programs, already at an inexpensive price.
  Market Place – will give an opportunity to monetize the achievements and ideas of novice IT-specialists, who do not have large funding, but have "HYIP" and creative ideas in the field of programming.
  All applications built on Sparkster are compatible for operation and storage on a decentralized cloud storage Sparkster.

  Algorithms and computational power to create programs are taken from the "cloud system" Sparkster. Decentralized cloud computing capacity to compute and store information is still a distinctive feature of Sparkster. Sparkster developers assure that decentralized cloud will be a full replacement for existing services. Sparkster is one of the leaders in throughput capacity, namely more than 10 million transactions per second.
  Traditional centralized cloud providers for computing and storing information (Amazon, Microsoft, IBM) are still monopolists in this area. When providing cloud services, they have a constant large cost:

Purchase and amortization of premises and buildings
Cost of electricity (cooling and operation of servers)
Purchase and service specials. Equipment
Network infrastructure.
Backup power supply
Staff salaries
  And all these costs are borne by the cost of using the services of centralized servers, data-centers and cloud storage.
  But all these costs do not exist when using a decentralized system Sparkster. When using a decentralized system, users get the power to compute and store information from miners in exchange for Spark tokens. Sparkster promoted mining to a more affordable level - now any owner of a modern mobile phone can be the miner for Sparkster.
  The ability to monetize the excess energy and power of a mobile phone will attract a huge number of miners. Miners will provide high throughput of transactions per second. You should not forget about standard mining through computers. Although mining via mobile phone seems unreliable at first glance, but Sparkster has a reliable digital protection-protected from hacking and manipulation, uses encryption, key mapping, digital signatures and cache cleanup after each transaction.
Having considered this project Sparkster and their achievements, I saw how easy it is to create own program, and cloud services through a decentralized system have no boundaries for growth.
Try to create something your own on the site

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