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  Blockchain technology is a whole new breakthrough in people's interaction, finance and precision, as Smart Contract technology increases people's trust to a whole new level.
  But where else can blockchain technology be used to bring people together around the world and be convenient and practical to use. And that the convenience of its use - was useful and practical for EVERY interested person

This is tourism!

How does the tourism industry work at the moment?
  Sites aggregators (Mediators) are an integral part of any sphere of activity, and they increase the total price of goods and services from 1% to 30-40%

The aggregator site ("meshap," from slang. "mash-up" is a web application or website that combines data from multiple sources into one with a single user interface; for example, aggregator sites for buying tickets with the option of choosing the most convenient offer, sites for booking a hotel, conducting excursions and booking cars/transfers.

  Often intermediaries are friendly, adequate, conscientious and ask for a price that really corresponds to their usefulness, in other cases - they enjoy monopoly advantages and begin to set their conditions, both to the executors of services, and to the service providers themselves Tourists.
  In the global tourism industry, several global intermediaries have enjoyed monopoly advantages and have long divided the travel services market around the world.

  These intermediaries significantly affect the total cost of services for tourists, increasing commissions from service providers and charging subscription fees to service providers for providing access to information resources.

  Platforms for combining hotels, guides, services, excursions in different cities increases the number of travel, but these aggregator sites have significant drawbacks:

On the sites, we can not see the real statistics of a guide or hotel.

Increased commission, when making transfers between different payment systems.

You transfer money in advance and there is no certainty about the quality of the services provided.

Bad reviews intentionally do not remain on the sites, as the owners of intermediary sites do not want to spoil the first impression.

The use of "freeze" technology on the card is also not without inconvenience to the user of certain services.

Using monopoly advantages in the provision of services.


  Now let's look at the example of using the platform using Blockchain technology.

The single currency used to pay for all services provided on the platform, the absence of international payment system commissions and the reliability of transfers.

Using Smart Contracts increases the level of trust between the user and the performer. Smart contact is the same agreement on the performance of the service, after the "agreement" - the money will be written off from the user. As soon as the user confirms the service - the tokens will go to the account of the executor.

Increase the quality and saturation of the tour. Each review will remain online and service providers will take care of the high quality of their services.

The possibility of creating a photo gallery of real photos of monuments, attractions of any city and country, as each offer of the tour should be accompanied by photos.

Minimum mark-up on the services of guides, tour guides, museum visits and hotel accommodation.

Reliable storage of personal data of tourists, as the information will not be stored on centralized servers and will not be used by various advertising companies.

Creating a single interest in the quality of the tourism services of the society. There will be no such thing that someone has cooler advertising - that and popular. Demand is the quality of services.

Tourism without intermediaries. Here's what Blockchain technology can do.

  EDC Blockchain (Every Day Coin) is a platform that aims to become a bridge between blockchain technologies and Start-Up Projects, Companies and Business Projects. The platform provides everything you need to successfully realize these features:

  • Listing coins on large crypto-exchanges. Cryptocurrency EDC is presented on crypto-exchanges:
  • A large number of knots. LPoS mining attracts a lot of participants in the network, which significantly increases the number of nodes in the chain.
  • Bitshares 2.0. Provides quick transaction processing, high speed and low commissions.
  • Comprehensive solutions for creating digital currency based on- apply for business tokenization, obtaining the necessary investments, paying for goods and services.
  • Creating and launching various blockchain projects, developing and implementing smart contracts to meet any company requirements.
  • Multi-tasking EDC Wallet, which takes the user's level of communication with the platform to a whole new level.

      Tourism is a brand new huge market for blockchain technologies! Now tourists are more interested in historical rest than tanning on the beach. And EDC Blockchain can fully meet the demand for this platform. You can see this by simply visiting one of the links below!





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