Stellerro. Digital Securities Underwriting.

  Now a lot of large mega companies and concerns are already looking at a completely new way for them to attract finance for their companies and projects. Namely, to the crypto industry, to one of the major financial sectors.
  Modern market trends require a natural evolution and in cooperation with the company Stellerro, investors using digital securities receive all the benefits of Blockchain technology, while retaining the methods of old school investing.

  Stellerro - This is a fully thought-out scheme of work and thoughtful design, 100% flexibility and reliability of the use of Smart contracts and competent management.
  Stellerro is a place where every interested company can undergo the whole process of its company's tokkenization. From the initial counseling, evaluation and calculation of the tokkenization of their financial and property assets! Before you search and get investment in your company/project.
  Stellerro conducts underwriting of digital securities secured by property and financial assets.
  Stellerro assists individuals, investment funds, property owners and Start-Up projects to attract the necessary financing for their product, namely releasing compatible digital securities secured by real assets, Owned by a physical (private) person or company.

Advantages, in cooperation with Stellerro :

  • Lower minimum investment amounts. Large companies are not interested in people who are willing to invest amounts of $1000 in their project. They are interested in the investor having large free funds. But when working with Stellerro, a huge number of users of the crypto industry can take part in the project. Thereby reducing the time needed to collect the necessary funds.
  • Compliance of the company with various norms and standards of State financial institutions (depending on the location of the company's representative offices).
  • International restrictions. It is impossible to buy the shares of the company because of some restrictions. This is very important in the period of various sanctions between the countries. Stellerro helps to bypass these restrictions and allows any interested user from any country, continent and mainland to participate in the project.
  • Possibility of more convenient purchase of digital financial assets. In the period when the Internet became daily-routine, purchase through a site will not make any restrictions. No need to go to the brokerage company office and open an account. Everything is available through the platform interface.
  • Faster sale of shares to other interested users. Stellerro is the first platform that integrates the digital world with real assets. Accordingly, it is in demand, and it will have a huge number of small investors.
  • Every project or company that wants to collaborate with Stellerro, is tested for compliance with its efficiency and success.

    Stellerro Token.

  Token Stellerro is a local digital financial means of the Stellerro system. STRO is a digital analogue of shares or other financial assets. All STRO will be under the control of state regulated bodies. Each STRO holder receives general rights, as well as with the possession of ordinary "paper" shares-the receipt of dividends, the right to vote in the company and 12.5% of the profits of the company.
  Every interested user can take part in Stellerro. To do this, he must pass the test KYC & AML.

  Stellerro is a natural project that was demanded by the fastest growing and demanded industry. The place where there is huge finances should be under the control of regulators, and this company will help them in this. It is noteworthy that in cooperation with Stellerro, investors are not afraid that they are investing in the SCAM project. All this is only beneficial to the crypto industry. If people are confident in the product – they will take more part in it.

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