Sparrow! The best way to trade options.

  Crypto-exchanges and trading on them- has become commonplace (or leisure) for almost every active user of the crypto industry. Each user at least once out of curiosity put orders for the purchase/sale of a cryptocurrency to get, albeit a small, but profit. For many - it's a real hobby, tickle your nerves risking your $50. This hobby often brings real earnings when these 50$, turn into 150-200$. You only need to understand which coins are most in demand or volatile.
  But professional trading is designed for the long term and constant systematic work. This requires patience, focus on the result, a large amount of time. But for many, with seeming simplicity does not have the patience to earn money on currency transactions.
  But for people who are designed for a quick result, there is a different kind of trading - trading options! This type of trading is a complete novelty for the crypto community, but extremely attractive for ambitious people counting on a quick result!
  The crypto industry is a perfect new and extensive market for options transactions. The crypto industry is attractive because every user has access to the Internet and all transactions go through it! So every crypto coin holder can potentially take part in trading! You only need to create excellent conditions and explain to interested parties, all the benefits - the use of the option.

What is an option?

  An option is a preliminary contract by which the buyer has the opportunity to purchase the desired asset before the predetermined period and at a predetermined value.
  The seller, in turn, undertakes to fulfill all the terms of this contract. Transactions made when using an option are less risky and more popular in a trading society than normal speculation

Sparrow is it?

  Sparrow is a Singapore trading platform designed for options transactions. This platform provides an easy way to control risks and monetize digital assets. Sparrow is a safe and reliable platform for traders, supported by Ethereum Smart-Contracts in the NIDUS chain, which guarantees transparency of transactions and calculations on digital assets of users.

A Little about Sparrow

  Check every user! When registering, each user must pass a KYC/AML/CFT check. To increase the limit on withdrawals, the user must pass a full check - he will need to send a scan of the utility bill, an extract from the bank, where the address of the actual residence of the user.

  Fast transactions! Speed is extremely important when 1 second can solve everything! Sparrow uses the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus built on Ethereum Smart- Contracts to ensure fast online transaction speed and transparency and reliability in the processing of digital assets. Sparrow effectively compares orders in and instantly checks single-ranking transactions online.

  Simplicity and maximum efficiency of use! Sparrow option offers an easy way to control risks and monetize users' digital assets.

  • Easy trading, for everyone: create a 3 step option with simplified option products - TradePROTECT and TradeBOOST
  • Liquid and customizable: The ability to trade European BTC and ETH options, more liquid than over-the-counter options, and more customizable than standard contracts
  • Opportunity to buy digital assets at amazing prices: ConvertNOW Facility (CNF) offers competitive prices without hidden commissions. We mean that. No fees or mark-ups. Current tokens: SP$, SPO, BTC, ETH, PAX, TUSD, USDC, USDT.
Sparrow FAQ

  Sparrow is a completely new and reliable platform for traders, when working on this platform, each user can easily trade options. And Sparrow will provide everything its users need to increase profits in any market situation.

P.S. Do you think Bitcoin will rise in value? Try to make money here on your guess!






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