SERO.New market for apps and programs.

  Using a mobile phone has become a habit and a vital necessity for 98% of the world's inhabitants! The phone stores all the information about the person and it conceals, as well as serious opportunities, and a huge threat to the user, if the information stored in the phone gets to questionable persons.
  But the fact remains, successful and necessary applications become mega popular in a short period of time - if people really need them. But now there is an overabundance of similar mobile programs and applications. There are honeycomb messengers for communication, photo editors, orders for food delivery, fitness apps. With all their potential, software and app creators are unable to create apps and programs that users can rely on and trust. Although mobile app users are huge potential for both technical development and financial growth.

What stops users from using mobile apps in all sides of life?

  Mobile apps are not taken seriously enough, users do not want to fully entrust their private data to third parties. And this essentially prevents the development of mobile applications with renewed vigor.

  Progress does not stand still and the SERO project once again confirms this!
  SERO is a platform that allows you to issue your own anonymous coins. SERO is a privacy platform that allows developers to issue anonymous coins and thus ensure privacy when using DApps.
  SERO is the fastest encryption library with zero-knowledge proof: SERO has created the world's fastest encryption library, "Super-K", which is 20 times faster than the latest version of zk-SNARKs.

Apps and programs built on SERO that will give a new impetus to their development:

  • Online auctions. These platforms pursue fairness, equal rights between participants and their confidentiality. Can fully meet their needs in this direction.
  • Medical programs and applications. Maintaining confidentiality in medicine is the basis of this area. Because a lot of people don't want to divulge information about the diseases they get!
  • Online games. Online games are in great demand and have a lot of dedicated players. All this is a huge financial opportunity for owners of these games. It is they who need their own coins to buy/sell various "opportunities" to their users. With an extremely large volume of operations, smart contracts can completely unload the system and make operations faster.
  • Online casinos. This area is extremely exposed to risks from hackers, as it has a huge amount of money. Privacy, automatic settlement operations, the accuracy of smart contracts - all this can provide SERO!
  • Accounting programs. It is often large companies that face the shortcomings of existing accounting systems. When the head office has dozens of branches across the country, and you need to know what the balance of a certain product is stored at this point in time - all this takes a considerable time. It is the digitization of accounting - can solve these problems / accelerate paperwork/show financial condition on-line!

    Briefly on sero's technical capabilities!

  • Improved NIZK algorithm
  • Optimal and balanced encryption process
  • Clear and light expandable structure
    Support for various token pitchforks
    Selective privacy opportunities

    More information is available here

    •   As you can see, with the SERO project, the creators of mobile programs and applications have great potential to develop their products. Imagine if at least 0.01% of phone owners will start using these applications - it is to provide a solid profit to their creators.


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The revolutionary approach of the project, allows to increase the efficiency of work with the use of blockchain technology.

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