SERO.Creating apps on the blockchain.

  At the moment, the mobile phone has become the first necessity of modern man. In a man's mobile phone is his whole life. Photos, videos, phone numbers, messages, calls, credit card numbers and all passwords - all personal information about the person! Mobile phone manufacturers knowing that all the information is on devices - offer their users more and more modern methods and ways to protect against hacking mobile device! Passwords, graphic passwords, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition. And all this works well.

   But the weak point when using mobile devices is the security and privacy of mobile applications! After all, why - all the life of users can be controlled through a mobile device? Now when using the programs, there is no need to stand in line to send the transfer to another place in the world, stand in line to buy a plane ticket, pay paper bills. All this has long been successfully replaced - mobile programs and applications! Through mobile programs and apps, you can manage everything!

   But it is the security and privacy of mobile software and applications that remains a big problem for app developers! Agree that no one enters their passport and extremely personal data personal data in applications. The name, email address and phone number are entered - minimal information that attackers and hackers can use for selfish purposes. Today's apps don't have the level of user trust that's so necessary to popularize and increase the number of users. And centralized storage of information is no longer relevant at a time of dramatic improvement in the IT industry.
   Exactly, Blockchain technology can significantly increase users' confidence in the mobile programs and applications used, and the SEDO (Super zero) project provides it to them completely.

   SERO is a place where developers and stakeholders can: create their own DApps - apps, create their own Smart contracts, issue anonymous tokens, use this very anonymous currency in the applications themselves. And all this, while ensuring the complete anonymity of the user's data and operations, when dealing with these applications. Privacy - provides work on the algorithm: zero Knowledge Proof.

A few facts about SERO and its benefits:

  • Uses a better algorithm of NI'K.
    Optimising the encryption process. Offers improved encryption performance. SERO redistributes the entire encryption process, and delivers 20 times faster performance than similar projects.
    Support for several tokens. SERO CHAIN is the only Blockchain system that allows its users to exchange multiple digital assets operating under a single Smart contract.
  • App developers may release assets with or without full privacy. Users themselves have the right to manage access to their information and transactions.
  • Support Turing Complete Smart Contracts. App developers have the ability to release digital privacy assets that can be both tokens and tickets. At the same time, they can store complex data structures. A clear and light expanding structure. SERO does not use ethereum storage structure, but uses a mixed UTXO mode. This solution offers great opportunities for the entire Blockchain structure.

       Apps and programs developed and launched on SERO - provide their users with privacy, when working and interacting with these applications! Thus raises the trust of users - to a qualitatively new level!


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