EDC Blockchain - Cryptocurrency Management Center.

  The appearance of the next blockchain eco-system will not make a sensation! 10 years ago it was a breakthrough of the entire IT industry, and now it is not new. All new platforms have long overtaken the first eco-systems in terms of performance, speed and power of the opportunities provided, providing low commissions to their users for transactions.
  But still one Platform is significantly different from its competitors! This project is not a development, beta version or promise of creators and developers, not a prototype and not an ICO, pre-sale or Pre-mine. This successful working platform since 2015 is EDC Blockchain,, with more than 1,000,000 active users.


  In addition to providing its user with all the necessary features, the capacity to successfully develop and launch projects, EDC Blockchain has a high-quality function.

In short, it can be called the "Cryptocurrency Management Center."

  It provides functionality, convenience and intuitive interface, the ability to complete control over their coins (tokens), different ways of getting coins, BUT!!!! so the possibility of creating of your owm - that's the qualitative difference of this Blockchain Platform.
  This functionality is aimed more at the entrepreneurial class of users, start-up projects and those companies that want to enter a completely new market for them, the crypto-economy market. But those users who want to get passive earnings, receive coins in different ways, can find on this platform what they need.
  All this is available without special knowledge of programming, without staff of programmers and miners, without the financial cost of buying expensive technical facilities. Everything is available - just through a simple intuitive interface "Coin Designer."

The function of the "Center for Currency Crypt Management" looks like this:


  EDC Blockchain offers its interested users 3 types of services to create their own token, which will work on the EDC platform.


-Basic package. Issue your own token, specifying its name and description of the coin. This service is suitable for small projects with a narrow-minded market for these tokens. The cost is 1000 EDC.
-Package Plus. Gives additional opportunities - to regulate the release of their new crypto coin and assign pre-mine dates. The cost is 10,000 EDC.
-Premium Package. Gives the ability to fully control and control, when issuing and operating crypto currency. Set up all its specifications, as well as set all the necessary working parameters. The cost is 500,000 EDC.

And now a few technical facts about EDC Blockchain:

  • Fast transactions, thanks to the use of Bitshares 2.0 Graphen technology. This technology provides processing speeds of up to 10,000 transactions per second, as well as its multitasking - smooth operation with multiple coins at the same time.Listing newly-emerging coins on a variety of partner crypto exchanges such as: Bit-z, DigiFinex, Idax, Yobit.
  • LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) consensus work. This mechanism is used on some platform and EDC is one of them. This kind of consensus attracts even those users who keep a small number of coins on their wallets. In doing so, it fairly distributes remuneration depending on their contribution to the work and sews up the system.
  • Different options for receiving coins, depending on the technical and financial preparedness of users: listing the coin whether the launch of Masternod.
  • Extremely functional EDC Wallet. EdC's crypto wallet has tremendous functionality and gives its users tremendous control and participation in EDC Blockchain.
  • There is no need for technical knowledge to fully control and manage cryptomonets.

    EDC Token.

Platform EDC - has a capitalization of about 10,690 865 dollars (more than 700,000,000 rubles)! Stands on #334 place in the ranking of crypto coins, out of more than 2000 competitors.
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Follow the blog, in the next article I will tell you in detail how the EDC Blockchain coins are earned.

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