Vestarin [VST]

  Vestarin is a decentralized platform where the owners of stores, exchangers, services, and institutions integrate their business on the Vestarin platform, and users make purchases and pay with VST tokens.The Vestarin platform is aimed at implementing large-scale changes in the blockbuster industry, solving a wide range of problems. Vestarin will increase the loyalty of users, which will positively affect the growth of the capitalization of the whole country . One year after the launch, the Vestarin team intends to reach a capitalization mark of $ 50 million, and in three years to reach $ 200 million with steadily growing demand.

How it works?

On Vestarin plarform you will have the capacity to discover both a speculator and a group that will bring your item to the market with the assistance of an ordered inquiry (group, authorities and speculators areas), which we will add to the stage. 

On the Vestarin platform, you will get “turnkey” experts and ventures, as well as tips, information, gather each bit of your baffle, by joining the whole group in one place. The team mean to draw in and incorporate shops, administrations, stimulation into one place on the Vestarin stage, where conventional clients can spend their crypto cash.

 Owners of shops, services, exchange points integrate their businesses into the Vestarin platform, while users make purchases and pay for services with their VST tokens.ICO representatives integrate their projects into the platform, while users will estimate and discuss them in public to create the reputation, which enables investors to rely on it.Vestarin will offer its users the set of latest technologies and hot news of cryptocurrency from dozens of sources for a worldwide audience.Blockchain-technology professionals and cryptogizmos will have a joint platform for coworking.

Vestarin Token

As the platform grows and the number of users increases, the number commissions in Vestarin contracts will increase, thus increasing the cost of VST tokens. The Vestarin asset contract is the most important component of the VST token value. By increasing commissions from the platform, it creates enough funds to support the growth of a stable token price. 



  • Token Name - VST 
  • Token Standard - ERC20 
  • Accepted Currencies - ETH 
  • Pre-ICO Dates - Jan 30, 2017 - Feb 28, 2018 
  • ICO Dates - Mar 5, 2017 - Apr 4, 2018 


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